The Furious Alchemy of Rebirth: Spiritual-Science, Universal Truth & The Golden Age/Spring Equinox 2017


A sagacious friend recently gave light to this intriguing assertion about our tumult of a present day, that the great upheavals we are witnessing, causing so much consternation in our collective mindset is actually the pain of labour. In this instance, I am reminded of one of the most awe-inspiring and enigmatic images of modern cinema: the closing Star Child of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, where a giant luminous fetal human child is seen approaching the Earth, symbolic of the birth of a new consciousness. It should be noted as well that this ‘Star Child’ does look kind of ultra-human: it’s cranium is larger than a normal human being, alluding to perhaps an alien influence and/or simply that our mind is expanding into what many visionaries like Sri Aurobindo have called ‘Superconsciousness’. A paper I wrote during my final year at university on this film actually sparked my spiritual awakening and it calls profoundly to me now, on this Spring Equinox.

“…the more we split and pulverise matter artificially, the more insistently it proclaims its fundamental unity.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I am in resonance with my friend and believe we are witnessing a birth in our collective and all the seeming chaos is but the ecstatic dilations of the womb of our consciousness enlarging its imagination to architect a new world. We are on the brink of a Golden Age, as science and spirituality have begun to affirm each other, a harbinger of great renaissance and the potential to initiate us all into universal truth. The revolution of Quantum Physics has opened us to the ancient understanding of the world’s mysticism, long relegated to the dustbin of superstition. As this firmly grounds into the space of collective consciousness, we are beginning to unleash a new age of absolute wonders. When mystic and scientist discover the same common ground, an understanding that is fundamental and even magical awakens—the true nature of the universe. It’s no less profound than the discovery of a kind of holy Grail, only the grail is a lost verse of unity that instantly awakens something in our shared humanity—a gnosis or divine knowing that is cosmic and all pervaise. Non-locality, multi-dimensionality, super-strings, the Akashic Field, chaos theory, intelligent design, irreducible complexity, subtle energy, entanglement are just some of the grand movements of this metaphysical scientific scripture being written in real time at this very moment, fostering synthesis of science and spirituality and their growing cross-pollination with the same whimsical abandon as dandelion seeds dancing in the warm breeze. “The Tao of Physics” indeed! Let us remember too that those seeds are but the evidence of nature’s perpetual love-making as the flower sends its template to be seeded in the field of fertility. In the same fashion, we are giving birth on the level of consciousness to this Star-struck superconsciousness.

SPRING provides another piece, as do all the seasons. In my work, I am a passionate decrier of our need to re-indigenize, that is to reclaim being, foremost, a peoples of the Earth and abiding by natural law. This need not be a step back but a spiralling leap forward where the incredible traditions of the past are brought forward to be re-honoured after dark-age-doldrums that murdered them into disingenuous disrepute. Moreover, as we reclaim the authentic wisdom of our ancestors, we are dazzled by how advanced their insights into reality are, cutting edge to this very day in fact! So much so, that noble modern scientists, such as Ervin Laszlo, have decided to re-institute the ancient lexicon to describe our own novel revelations. His use of the Sanskrit term, The Akashic Field from the ancient Vedic Culture to describe the unified field of modern physics, is a humble bow to honour the brilliance of our ancestors. And these are no small matters—science has been warring with mysticism ever since the rise of materialism and rationalism handed the ‘soul of the world’ over to the Inquisitors, sparking the period known in literature as the age of disenchantment. We are living witnesses of the end of one of the oldest conflicts of humanity that has warred in our very souls. And we are witnessing the forging of a great circle of wisdom, as alluded in the magnificent film Arrival—a universal language. The blissful catharsis experienced in the film’s climax is something I have witnessed resounding in many hearts as but another subtle indication that we are mutually moved by the potential power of united understanding to save much of the modern world’s ills…

SPRING is perhaps most supremely a time of visioning or what the ancients called ‘dreaming’—the active use of the human imagination, in tandem with biomystical feedback insights from the intelligence of the universe, to co-create magnificent thought-forms that are the rudimentary building blocks of the world. In nature, we call this the planting season but when we take this notion within, we signify it as the time to also plant in our psychic gardens the great visions to be churned in the procession of the four seasons in which we live—what the indigenous Europans called ‘The Wheel of the Year’. The Spring/Vernal Equinox was and is still for many cultures the beginning of the New Year, coinciding with the more natural flow of things. Moreover, in Chinese Medicine, Spring correlates to the Wood Element and the Liver/Gallbladder meridians which govern our powers of visioning, planning, strategizing and dreaming and the colour Green. As these parallels between traditions are exemplified, we continue to bear witness to the rising of a universal truth based primarily on the common ground of nature’s wisdom. This is so much about what is being born on a collective level: a new world where all humans remember the Earth as common hOMe and unite together in protecting not only its sacredness but the practical resources of the planet’s nurturance of us all.

One of the means by which we are witnessing ‘the archaic revival’ as Terrence McKenna deemed it is the reclaiming of plant spirit medicines such as Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Peyote, Iboga and even Marijuana and the shamanic archetype in human consciousness. There is much evidence as well that Jesus used and shared mushrooms, such as paintings from the Middle Ages in France of Jesus offering baskets of magic mushrooms as the holy Eucharist, illuminating his own magi/shamanism nature. McKenna, traditional shamans and other luminaries postulate that history is revealing that the evolution of human consciousness is integrally in alliance with ‘plant teachers’ who help guide and expand our sense of reality, which provide educational experiences that change initiates forever. Moreover, this opens huge vistas of mystical insight into the true nature of reality.

“No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

However, this Pagan/indigenous truth has long been persecuted and still is to our present day with Graham Hancock’s luminous TEDx talk “The War on Consciousness” being censored by TED in an act of sheer anti-science irrationalism. During my first Ayahuasca experience, I was shown the dimension where reality is created via thoughts, known in esoterica as the 4th dimension. It was an absolute wasteland; a haunting desert of menacing emptiness and howling darkness. The teaching that this magnificent plant teacher gave me was this: Humanity has been kept from understanding how to master the 4th dimension and master the creation of reality via thought. This is the great metaphysical insight that all the great masters have propounded. Buddha proclaimed: “As you think, so you become.” Religious zealots who have ruled the Earth politically have for eons kept this hidden from humanity in the name of state-religious piety, and truly mind-control to foster humans as a slave-class, though in the ancient past it was universally known and perhaps gave rise to a previous Golden Age of which many of the archaic temples and temple cities are native to.

This repression was done through militant violence and led to the wiping out of the great wisdom traditions of antiquity, all of which are of indigenous origin, that is Earth-based, Cosmically sourced. It is time now to populate this dimension with the golden gleam of our collective dreams. This is a huge part of how we rec-create the world: by inspiring a great revival of the authentic powers of the imagination as a means to vision and create reality.
The powers that were are attempting to keep us distracted at this crucial moment in the insane division games of the geo-political landscape of our present, trapped in the never-ending quagmire of dualistic conflicts of Lefts vs. Rights, Republicans vs. Democrats, Feminists vs. Misogynists, Racists vs. Activists. Those truly awakening beyond this trap of duality are starting to engage the greater work of fostering a universal culture based on a new metaphysics where science and spirituality converge to open the door for a Golden Age. In this time, it is more important than ever for us all to step forward into strident sovereignty as Creators of our world and take back the powers of imagination from the muck of the mediated matrix; the sinister simulacrum; the menacing maya produced by the oligarchy who know well about the creative powers of the mind and use them against us by starving and ridiculing the metaphysical in the tyrannical stages of the status quo. People are turning away from the news, popular culture, technology addictions, and the grand deceptions and corruption of politics to cultivate alternative notions of culture and the world that the true democratic of the Internet has spurned and which activated humans are continuing into the making of a new world.
We are the furious alchemy that inspires the flaming phoenix to rise from the ashes, emblazoned in great festivals such as Burning Man and a wealth of other cultural explosions of old ways and novel concepts weaving in the great-growing-glowing thirst for true harmony among all the peoples of Earth! This is how we push back the new faces of fear-mongering tyranny and supremely: by the re-enchanting of the world and the igniting of the spark of innate universal intelligence in every human being! FULL ON GLORY!