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Sound Healing ~ Sacred Music ~ Vibrational Philosophy
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Studies also show that music can affect brain waves, brain circulation, and stress hormones. Music therapy seems to be especially effective in reducing the physiological effects of stress.

SOURCE RESONANCE is a journey of transformation and evolution through the healing power of sound and the sacred practice of music, connecting us to ancient lineages of healing and spiritual wisdom as well as advanced scientific paradigms. It is this convergence of science & spirituality in music and the science of vibration that illuminates universal aspects of our humanity and reality, opening up new possibilities of existence and evolution. In this training, we shall be initiated into this new paradigm of an energetic, vibrational and multi-dimensional reality and learn why sound healing is one of the most significant emergent medical fields. Our journey will reconnect and root us to the ancients and their 'sonic mysticism' and sacred musical arts in a diversity of global cultural expressions. We shall learn basic and advanced skills of sacred sounding to foster an individual practice, as well as learn how to conduct Soundbaths and Sound Journeys for groups and therapeutic environments. We will delve into the exciting potentials of one-on-one Sound Therapy with Tuning Fork modalities that merge Chinese Medicine & Yogic technique to heal the body on a fundamental, energetic level. And we shall embark on the recovery of the sacredness of music as a force to uplift, transform and connect the world and foster community.
"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nikola Tesla





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Music is the universal language, it knows no bounds.


learning aims

The Medicine People, are taking their music with them, are passing quietly into the Great Silence, where the old songs were ‘Received in Dreams’ by ‘inner-plane communication’.
— Francis Densmore (1867-1957) friend of Geronimo

No experience of music & sound is necessary.
We all meet in the universal vibration.

  • Explore ancient spiritual and shamanic wisdom on vibration and music and how they interconnect with modern quantum physics.

  • Learn skills of sacred sound through the art of vocal toning and the awesome healing power of the human voice.

  • Free one's creative self-expression through Shaking Medicine and Ecstatic Movement.

  • Learn to free the voice and 'Source-Sing'.

  • Solfeggio Tones & Binaural Beats.

  • Work with the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls & other musical and healing instruments such as chimes, drums, Chakra drums, Ancient monochord.

  • Create group Soundbaths, Sonic Rituals & Personal Sound Practices.

  • Learn to work with the sacred medicine of Cacao (Sacred Chocolate) in a ceremonial context.

  • Discover the Yogic tradition of sound (Nada Yoga), Mantra & Kirtan.

  • Conduct one-on-one Sound Healing.

  • Learn Energetic Medicine theory, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Learn Tuning Fork Therapy from a diversity of traditions.

  • How to balance and work with the Chakras with Sound.

  • Introduction to the path of the Sacred Musician.

When you learn to monitor how you respond to stress you begin to wake up to who you truly are. 

the power of music

Music opens the possibility of universal language and sound the science to elaborate the harmony sourced in the universe--Musica Universalis. The Science of Vibration & the Art of Music are sacred arts that initiate us into a world of unity and cosmic truths, depicting some of the most ancient and virtuous tendencies of our species. In all of this convergence, we discover that which can only be called deeply spiritual: as we stand in awe of the intricacies of the universe, the magical infinitudes of creativity, we are gathered all in one powerful feeling of beauty; of profound interconnection. 'Spirit' is but another word for this experience of cosmic unity and to be spiritual is to be devoted to being a part of its expression and cultivation. 

“Deeply listening to music opens up new avenues of research I’d never even dreamed of. I feel from now on music should be an essential part of every analysis.” -Carl Jung

Working with sound is a mystical experience of empowerment, adventure and also fun! ‘Playing’ music is essentially something natural to us all, deeply embedded in our cultural traditions, and anchored to fundamental practices of shamanism the world over. The very essence of the word music is deeply shamanic, in fact: ‘the art of the muses’. In this training, we will learn to play with sound and music by delving into shamanic and ecstatic practices such as Shaking Medicine and Free-Singing to break free from our limitations and discover new possibilities of beingness. In this way, we learn how sound and music can be deeply transformational arts that offer rewards to all humanity, supporting our liberation and the greater expression of the beauty of our soul. Source Resonance invokes the power of sound as a means to restore us to our truest sense of ourselves as vibrational-energetic-spiritual beings. 


This Training is For

  • Those wishing to delve deeper into the world of Sound Healing and understand key concepts of Spiritual Science

  • Healers & Medical Practitioners who wish to bring the excellent relaxation and stress-relieving powers of Sound Therapeutics into their practices

  • Yoga Teachers and Practitioners wishing to learn more about the Yoga of Sound, antra chanting and find more power in their voice

  • Those wishing to learn how to access their inner-musician and express it in the world

  • Those wishing to free themselves of inhibitions around their creative expression

When we make sound and work and play with sound and music (the art of the Muses), we are literally dematerializing our physical body to shimmer with a more ethereal sensibility. Our state of consciousness subsequently transforms, inevitably merging us with an immense sense of inter-connection to a wider world of unified energy, mystical vibrations and ‘living light’— bioelectricity. Connecting with this greater field of universal force (what some scientists call the Zero-Point Field and mystics call Tao, Indra’s Web, Akashic Field, etc.) is one of the most important acts of practice of a spiritually awakened being. In this way, we are empowering ourselves essentially and skillfully to enlarge our field of awareness and the brilliance of our consciousness, evolving positively and beautifully.  
This universal field is fundamentally connoted as well to our very origin, what some ancients called the ‘cosmic womb’. Thus, as sound and music makes us more vibrational, it configures us to resonance with our Source as beings of the universal field. This is the ultimate aim of working with sound: to re-establish our connection to Source and the divine, vibrational-spiritual nature of all that is.

Join us on the quest to cultivate and embody the universal vibrations that all music and sound are sourced in and take part of evolution into new potentials of human unity!



The training shall be split into 3 weekend modules interweaving themes to assure an evolution along a truly transformational path. Each weekend will consist of these elements:

  • Shaking Medicine practices to free expression

  • Design and care-taking of a sacred altar for the Muses

  • A balance of practical learning with applied experiences

  • Music meditations to be introduced to the music masters of the world and ages and broaden our vibrational sensitivity

  • Water Blessing Rituals with Crystal Bowls. All water consumed in the space over the weekend sessions will be blessed and so charged :)

  • Daily Qigong & Yoga practices (simple and all levels)

  • Lots of vocal work, singing and music making + mystical reverie

  • Special guest facilitators to be announced


Training Dates

JUNE 1-2 | JULY 6-7 | JULY 27-28 | 10 - 6pm
@ The Blue Heron Studio (Formerly the Red Canoe) :: 48 hours
Practice/Reflections/Case Studies :: 20 hours
Sound Project Manifestation :: 7 hours (at conclusion of training, participants will implement a sound related project to offer in a professional setting or community)
*OPTIONAL (though highly recommended): I will be conducting my Sacred Sound Practice on select dates at my homespace. This is a chance to meet midstream during the training, touch in with the Source Resonance community, work with sound in group and also bring queries forward. 

June 4/19 + July 3/16/30: 7-930pm @ my homespace/187 Sheridan Ave.
Total: 75 hours

Fee: $1380 (HST included). Instalment payments are a possibility.

[For those who have already completed the Source Resonance Intensive weekend and wish to join this broader training, $250 off of the fee is offered]

For registration, please send a deposit of $333 via e-transfer at and please send any further inquiries there too.




Darren Austin Hall

is a renowned Sacred Musician, Sound Healer and Spiritual Teacher who travels and tours internationally teaching workshops on spirituality and healing and performing his unique and powerful sacred music and sound healing concerts. He is an acclaimed recording artist and his most recent album The Tantra of Truth is loved by many. He has been a featured performer at TEDx Toronto and soon to be released episode on VICE TV. He has performed in support of luminaries such as Teal Swan & Graham Hancock. He is also the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto, an initiative devoted to helping men evolve authentically. He is also soon to be releasing his first book of spiritual writing and his new album Songs of Source in early 2018.

Darren holds a diploma in Acupuncture garnered from The Institute of Traditional Medicine. He completed a 2-year mentorship with Chinese Medicine vanguard, Lonny Jarrett, focusing on Classical and Taoist foundations with new evolutionary innovations. He completed a 2-year training in Creative Transformation Therapy with Dr. Bradford Keeney where he was introduced to Shaking Medicine. He has worked with shamanic and indigenous teachers from all over the world and also trained in Qigong and Martial Arts while living in China. He is also a Yoga Teacher, completing his 500-hr training at Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. He will be your friendly guide during the journey of Source Resonance.



Recommended Readings


The Healing Power of Sound
by Dr. Mitchell Gaynor

Healing Sounds
by Jonathan Goldman

Shaking Medicine
by Bradford Keeney

The Yoga of Sound
by Russill Paul



Darren’s Source Resonance course was a wonderful and magical sound journey from start to end. Darren is warm, authentic and a truly gifted sound healer. In the Source Resonance course, he dives into the science of sound healing and touches on various method’s for incorporating sound healing into your professional practice or just into your everyday life. I came away with from the experience with so much more than I had hoped. Darren leaves room throughout the course for questions, discussion, personal growth and loads of amazing, fun moments. Seriously one of the best things I did for myself this year. – Mary Ann Sato, Reiki Master & Sound Healer
I had the honor of attending the Source Resonance sound healing intensive training this past weekend, and it really felt like coming home! Healing with sound is something that I’ve wanted to integrate into my practice for over 15 years now, and being able to learn under such a talented, grounded, and compassionate healer and instructor as Darren Austin Hall was quite literally life changing!
— Devi Spring
Darren’s Sound Resonance Training is an incredible journey of the heart. It was truly a transformative weekend that literally altered my frequency and allowed for movement and flow in an area of my life that had become frozen. With the warming of vocal work I could feel my voice freeing. The sounds created were like a balm on my soul and healed places within me on a cellular level. I work with sound daily and still found myself immovable in a certain area. The collective voice and toning created a powerful and tender place to let go and really move effortlessly and easily through a stuck place. It was as though the sound took care of everything and the pattern just fell away. The weekend further provided a beautifully balanced weaving of the historical, medical, spiritual, ritual and healing aspects of sound.. It was both experiential and informative. I also left with many techniques and tools to bring into my personal practise and to my clients. It has inspired me to bring voice into my work and to step into creating a monthly sound circle where I live. And well the shaking was just awesome! Thanks Darren for binging sensitivity and joy to this sacred practise of sound.
— Surya


The Blue Heron Studio (formerly the red canoe studio)

57 Devon Rd. East-end Toronto in the Beaches

I'm very happy to announce that will be at the Blue Heron Studio which is a stunning space to host the Source Resonance journey. 

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+ Additional Magic

Every participant in the Source Resonance Training will receive: 

  • A 90-min Sound Healing Session with Darren

  • A copy of Darren's Sacred Music & Sound Healing discography

  • A Source Resonance manual {complete with lectures, additional resources, practice methods, and more}

  • Weekly emails to encourage you through to completion

  • Meditation aids in the form of music specifically curated for this course