In the Midst of the Chaos of Our Times, There's a Need for a Spiritual Revolution

Some people are going to label this wishful thinking, hippy hogwash or privileged hubris but truly it is my intention to speak beyond such confines. What I believe we are witnessing at the moment is the inability for our species to forge a collective vision that includes everyone. I have never witnessed such a collapse of harmony and respectful dialogue on social media until recently. It seems there's so many micro-sensitivities going on, such a diversity of voices clamouring for attention that it seems impossible not to offend someone or understand what binds us all together anymore. It's a grave feeling but there's nothing inherently wrong with it. In fact, there are positives: we've reached a level of consciousness as a species where ALL of our wounds and trauma are being illuminated. However, it is hard to hold all of that and people are becoming emotionally compromised as we also lack emotional intelligence as a species still. Just look at the epidemic of yelling matches occurring in external and virtual space. I'm culpable too and have had my own run-ins with my reactionary self, condescending to others, being disingenious, possessed by frustrations and rage and giving into their unfortunate projections unto others. It's especially hard on social media to maintain our humanity in conversation and one can be reminded a lot by reading Socrates's masterful ascertaining dialogues to know how dignity can be sustained in the midst of differing opinions. Forgiveness and patience needed in bucketloads but also the perspicacity to know when to be assertive, intense. Rare is such nimbleness mastered...

Here comes the hippy: amidst all of this seeming divisiveness, we are in need of a collective vision like never before to galvanize us and inspire us to transcend this level of consciousness and reach something higher--a universal plane of truth where we forge a common ground of our humanity, and become much more interested in what is similar between us than what is diverse. I believe we're witnessing the first stages of that in the collapse of the old state of being; a necessary, Kali-esque moment of dissolution before a new octave of reassembly is conjured.

When Trump was elected, I stated immediately that this is what would be needed to chart our course now and called for a spiritual revolution. The word spiritual is triggering and that is understandable. So let's elaborate: SPIRIT is another word for the unified field that connects and holds all things in the cosmos, something many modern physicists are now perceiving through the empirical scientific perspective even. In fact, we are living in the first stages of coalescing into a golden age where mystic and scientist see eye-to-eye, which makes much of the 'woo-woo' suddenly fact. This is where the war for interdependence begins, the one that ends them all, for it is the end of separativity consciousness. When we are properly educate to understand oneness as both a scientific fact and mystical commonality, much hope is ignited.

Many of the challenges we see at the moment is because people are born of a largely secular and narrow-minded scientific worldview where our universal identity is not known, felt or expressed. This is why, now more than ever, we need spiritual teachers and leaders to step up, just as the great leaders have always been, like the Dalai Lama, Mirra Alfassa, Joanna Macy, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, even JC and tantamount female teachers in the East filtered out of the Eastern spiritual canon by Christian obfuscations (see Miranda Shaw's 'Passionate Enlightenment'). These are people who know how to unite humanity in the face of the greatest conflict; who can express from that realm of unity for they live it and are it. These are also people who know and disseminate authentic spirituality that blazes with indomitable courage, will not stand for any oppression, willing to die for the eternal cause of truth, fearless in the face of the most nefarious fascism; a ferocity of compassion that is rare and all too often misunderstood as it stands for victims and perpetrators alike. This is where the old myth of the soft, gentle, spiritualist finally is put to rest and the great fire of one soul is understood and put to work in the world to cultivate a true united humanity. Now more than ever spirituality and unity-consciousness is need. We need to understand how precious the spiritual is and how everyone doing spiritual work is contributing positively. []

Let this be a call to all who are interested in spirituality, who are spiritual teachers and leaders already or even spiritual healers. Now is the time to step forward and realize spirituality is about the cultivation of unity and it is not merely about the interior state alone but just as significantly about its manifestation in the world. This is why people who are spiritually authentic will not stand for poverty and economic terrorism such as what capitalism has become and why people like Gandhi before beginning his non-violent movement in India traveled all over India living and listening to the poor and most disenfranchised of the system of rule to find the origin of his truthful leadership in their voice. I say all of this also to myself as I own that I need to up my actions as well to engage this bigger call.

Don't lose heart and try not to lose your mind in these highly transforming times of flux and flow. Keep things in context--we are tearing apart what no longer serves and it won't be comfortable. But by no means do not forget the common Earth which we all walk upon and know some walk on clean streets while other in gutters and that needs to be changed to a common ground too. I believe in humanity, especially in the face of fascism. We have always triumphed before and it has always brought an even more excellent version of ourselves forward. Things are falling apart in the possibility of reconnecting in a higher expression of culture and society sourced from the wisdom of the ages!

"If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare." Bernie Sanders