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Everything is made of energy, and at the cellular level, we humans (along with everything else) operate vibrationally. The ancients called this unifying subtle energy SPIRIT. We live in an unprecedented age of convergence between science & mysticism; the dawning of a new paradigm of universal truth, scientifically and spiritually inspired. Prophecies the world over have portended this age and it is our birthright to be co-creators of a possible new world of beauty and truth.

As we awaken to the vibrational essence of reality and its multidimensionality, we are learning (or rediscovering) sound and music can offer profound healing and transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Moreover, our thoughts, feelings and intentions also radiate vibrational-energetic power; we are beings of energy, tousled relentlessly with the fabric of the universe. We are awakening to whole new possibilities on how to live in a universe of profound mystery and beauty.

As a multi-dimensional musician, I was gifted as a child with the ability to channel music, song, and word; travelling with sound and vibration into diverse dimensions of reality. I have cultivated this gift ardently to offer music of sacred intention to inspire multidimensional awareness and deep healing. As a spiritual educator and facilitator of many ecstatic arts, I offer myself in service of this grand enlightenment of global culture which many are uplifting. Devoted to eco-spiritual, indigenous wisdom and the path of Tantra, I honour the Earth and the remembering of Her glory of which we are part. As a visionary, writer & poet, I share my love of spiritual wisdom with the world, devoted to empowering humanity in a time of great shift.

Welcome to the re-enchantment of the world… 



MYSTICAL MEDITATIONS is an album I always longed to make as I have such a passion for guiding people into wonderful inward journeys, harnessing the divine powers of the imagination to create transformative experiences in our inner-world. For years, I've guided thousands of people into such deep meditative and visionary states in my sacred music concerts, sound healing performances and workshops. Now, some of that magic is captured in the studio for you to experience anywhere and anytime. Most of the meditations are accompanied by the healing tones of Crystal Singing Bowls which have been scientifically proven to put us into Alpha brainwave states which is where meditative states begin. From there, we can begin to deepen into the Theta state where we experience visions, fulfilling our true destiny as oracles. Having the Crystal Bowls as accompaniment amplifies the meditations immensely. The album as a whole offers a diversity of mystical and transformative experiences. Some of the meditations are tender inward journeys while 'Shaking Medicine Meditation' offers an experience of shaking the body ecstatically and wildly to shift our frequency state powerfully, vitalizing us intensely, accompanied by powerful drumming. 'Chakra Toning Meditation' works with a system of vowel sounds that you are invited to tone together with me as we vitalize and balance the Chakras with the healing power of our voice, with the Crystal Bowls guiding us into their ascending scale of vibration. And the final track offers a Song Journey to take us into an experience of Universal Love. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


upcoming events

Darren facilitates, co-creates and offers at a diversity of international events. We is also Toronto-based and holds many exciting offerings in the city, including monthly BIG LOVE Ecstatic Dances & Cacao Ceremonies, Sound Journeys and his Source Resonance Trainings. Stay tuned for more upcoming events, or sign up below to join the Druid Blog & Newsletter to ensure that you never miss a transformative experience.


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Rebelle Society Article

CREDO OF THE ULTIMATE SELF // October 30, 2018
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New album

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Songs of Source

Is a collection of sonic prayers, sound healing journeys of deep spiritual intention and song-channelings of sacred power. Each song-transmission was recorded in alignment with the intentions of each prayer as outlined in the booklet. It is recommended to listen deeply in a meditative, relaxed state to fully experience the multi-dimensions of healing frequencies and open to possible mystical revelations to be inspired by the vibrational medicine. This music is also devotedly designed to support spiritual practice, such as ritual, tantra, yoga, ecstatic dance, healing sessions, etc.


from sound therapy & shaking medicine to waking the world


Darren's breadth of work extends beyond his trainings in ancient Chinese Medicine and his mentorships with indigenous elders; he's entwined a love for music with healing modalities that can have radiating effects on a person's life. With crystal singing bowls and his shamanic singing as his cornerstone, he integrates these masterful and healing vibrations into several types of experiences. Darren is also a visionary teacher helping to restore a foundation of ancient wisdom in the world, paired with innovative ideas and inspiring facilitation to help us evolve. He teaches modules and trainings in a diversity of pioneering healing fields such as sound healing, sacred sexuality, conscious masculinity, the spiritual path and ancient Earth wisdom. His ultimate aim is to serve the leap into a possible new age of enlightenment and the fulfillment of ancient prophecy to create a world of unity and great peace.

private sound healing sessions

Darren offers one-on-one sound healing sessions that integrate a diversity of modalities that foster deep healing states of relaxation and harmonic resonance. The incredible and healing tones of Crystal Singing Bowls bring our life-energies into balance while tuning fork therapies offer a kind of 'sound acupuncture' as they are placed on powerful energetic sites on the body for positive effect. Darren also offers spiritual guidance to navigate life's challenges and integrate teachings and shamanic elements to restore a sense of wholeness to one's self and life. The tones of Crystal Bowls and the power of Tuning Forks are scientifically proven to put us into states of homeostasis where our natural healing abilities are activated.

group Soundbaths with Crystal Singing Bowls & Sacred Music Concerts 

Darren has toured the world sharing his acclaimed sacred music concerts and celestial soundbaths for groups. Soundbaths are deep experiences of the healing power of sound with crystal bowls, shamanic singing and other salving instrumentation. Darren often guides mystical meditations and vocal toning exercises. Sacred music concerts incorporate more of his song compositions found on his albums as well as song-channelings, inspiring storytelling, spoken word poetry and spiritual teachings to create a powerful, immersive event. He performs a diversity of world and ancient instruments including Indian tanpura, the ancient monochord, mystical guitar, lyre-harp and more. They always conclude with a crystal bowl soundbath.

Workshops, Courses & source resonance training//75hr certification

Darren teaches a dynamic diversity of workshops and courses drawing from his years of study of many healing traditions and mentorships with spiritual teachers and indigenous elders. He is a leading expert in the realm of Sound Healing, offering one-off workshops as well as weekend intensives and his 75HR Source Resonance Certificate Training. Some of this other workshops include: 

  • Heroic Consciousness: A Journey Through the 4 Archetypes of Masculine Empowerment
  • Love's Revolution: Sacred Sexuality & the Divine Path of Romance
  • Living the by the Heart
  • Shaking Medicine sessions + The Big Love Ecstatic Dance
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activating sound meditation



— Darren Austin Hall
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let's join forces


Whether it's pouring out shamanic singing and crystal bowl healing for Wim Hof or opening up an event for Gabor Maté, Darren is open to exploring how sound can grace your private life or public event.

Darren is available for group and private sound healing sessions and concerts, as well as dynamic wellness workshops including his revolutionary Conscious Masculinity workshop.