I firmly believe that what is happening at Standing Rock is the beginning of a global movement of not only resistance against antiquated systems of civilization (namely fossil fuels) but more importantly a movement FOR the Earth. With the indigenous leading the charge, we are witnessing one of the most powerful movements in human history. This is not swelling with an ANTI energy but rather an eco-spiritual warrior love that loves our home planet so much and the perpetuity of life (human and plant and animal) that it is willing to die to protect HER. Yes HER. This is not new age hubris but the bringing forward of the ancient tradition of wisdom of acknowleding that this planet is a living Goddess.

We as a species need a global unifying principle and it was always going to be the environmental crisis as catalyst for it renders for us the common ground of the planet on which we ALL live. Moreover, it wasn't going to be colonial culture but the indigenous who would lead because they still understand that the EARTH is sacred. Ironically, our own Prime Minister, currently under fire for his pipeline approvals (in betrayal of his original intentions) in his first few weeks of office asserted that it would be the indigenous that would lead us out of the climate crisis. And even more, First Nations elders I've learned under also said it was prophecy that people would come to Turtle Island/Canada NOT to colonize actually but to LEARN from the indigenous how to re-indigenize themselves. There's even a part of me that feels that Trudeau is approving the pipelines to intentionally wake up this movement in a kind of reverse psychological tactic. Either way, it's working: the moment the government approved the pipelines, indigenous leaders and other immediately affirmed stridently 'Um yeah that's not going to happen' setting the scene for what will inevitably become Standing Rock Canadian edition. Get ready!
And this will spread. Mark it: there will be Standing Rock movements all over the world in time. This will be more powerful than Occupy by infinite-fold because this movement is not just AGAINST something but FOR something very clear and very galvanizing that every human being can get on board with--the EARTH. And once they are victorious (and they will be), places like Standing Rock can become new eco-spiritual communities; New Earth settlements spreading great waves of hope and glory.

This is the beginning of the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy coming into full fruition! The beginning of a united humanity! This is the beginning of restoring natural law and returning the sacred to all lives!