I've been writing a fictitious book on the healing of Hitler for years. Why? Because I have a disdain for how we treat 'monsters'; how we demonize individuals and use them as a collective scapegoat for our unprocessed fears and sufferings and our great denial of the deep psychopathy at work in our collective.

Trump's ascendancy made me recall the intentions of this book abundantly. While I myself enjoyed watching the comedians of our day poke endless ridicule at him and his supporters, my laughter always left a bitter taste in my mouth. It seemed we were always trying to laugh off this aspect of our society, that indeed there is still a massive group of people wholly ignorant of the progressive realities of social justice, who are still passionately racist, sexist and xenophobes to the core. But now the joke is on us and we can't laugh away the fact that there's a whole lot of humanity who are deeply unconscious still and are wounded tremendously in the wisdom department. And now one of such an 'ilk' has the keys to the most powerful vehicle on the planet. Wake up call is an understatement.

It would be naive to say I'm excited, because I am, in the sense that I feel this morning that a massive illusion just got smashed, and we have no choice now but to face the shadow of our species. Naive because I'm white and male and safe because of that stature and the immediate concern is that those of less privilige are now in potentially real danger as bigotry and all the evils I mentioned are ruling the day. There needs to be an immediate response to keep people protected from this inevitable and hysterical wave of hatred that will have to run its course. The environment has been abused immeasurably, and democracy died long ago (maybe never even lived aside from idyllic fantasy) and there's horrendous dark things happening in this world that our political world never sheds a light on, is actually culpable in so deeply, and we can't look away any longer. If there's any part of me that's shocked this morning, it's for those who actually still believed in Hillary Clinton and the DNC after all the rigging evidence came up. There should have been a full stop months ago to clean up a broken election system but instead we rampaged on with our notions to STOP TRUMP. Well that failed, probably because it doesn't matter who wins and we need to wake up to a world beyond this political farce and realize we are sovereign; we are the self-governing authority on this planet and it's our time now to step in, boldly, indomitably, as creators of the world and DO IT. Meanwhile, there's a massive aspect of our humanity that needs healing and the condescending comedic routines aren't going to solve it. We're in this together, fortunately or unfortunately, it's how we use this adversity. I've never doubted the power of truth and the magnanimous force of the human soul to turn the darkest hearts to radiance and nobility. Now's the time to really shine.

We're in the age of destruction anyhow, the one that precedes the golden age, and this system is rotten to its core. I foresee that this adversity is going to wake up the most powerful force of love and humanity we have ever seen, something long atrophied. We can grow so strong by this. And it starts NOW. Please protect those in harm's way NOW. Mobilize. Celebrate what is good and true. Get captivating and reaching out to those lost in pain and hate and move them to the beauty of their own soul. We didn't come here for rainbow songs and to dance all the while but also to get dirty in turning a dark age to light. As JC remarked in soul gangsta, master-blaster fashion when asked why he prefers to hang out with a rabble of thieves, prostitutes, misfits and outcasts: 'I came here for the sinners.' BOOM! We were born for this, warriors of love! If you didn't know, now's the time to remember. The mission to save the world just got real. Heroic consciousness, ignite!