Truth is a dare that is everywhere
Teasing you to come to bear
The indomitable joy and leaping Love
The child of below & above
Take your worship and oceans of devotion
Plant them in the stillness midst all commotion
And bloom with the dream of beauty
Guard it if it were the most sacred duty...

Rise, those of human soul and behold the power of love that writhes and waves in the citadel of our Hearts like an endless song of unity, anointing all moments with the sweet serenity of knowing the safety of being of divine origin in divine cosmos where beauty is hiding in every quantum patch. Everlasting is the soul, and with each ending of body, the torch of life is passed on through breath and bone of kin and upon the skin of the shining air where we paint the patterns of our wisdom.

The time has come for us all to truly lay claim on what we really are: magnanimous, powerful, Creators. And with the marvellous powers of the Imagination, we can give birth to anything, just as we’ve been told the Gods do. But there is something Godly in us and we no longer need to look up above to call on omnipotence of a Heavenly entity to right the wrongs but to instead call deeply unto ourselves and discover what dances in the essence of our Heart, there to rise in Love to behold the glory of our humanity. We are virtuous ones and long deceived and thieved of the truth of our great beauty and profound ability. The time has come to look within and begin there all acts of devotion.

We must bathe ourselves, daily, in awareness and Love of the body until we can feel the shimmering of our cells pulsing with the force known as Soul, which unites us in holy whole. And as we make this presence a visceral experience of blissful feeling, our cells and atoms will giggle and tingle with affection to be so embraced, just as would a child held endearingly in the arms of a loving parent. And so it is: we must hold ourselves the same way. And we must become hunters of fragmentation, hunting down the schisms and splintering-offs of our being that have been so divided because of trauma, wounds, and sufferings experienced in this harsh and corrupted civilization that has fallen from harmony with the wonder of Nature. We must hunt down our pain rambunctious with ardent Love, as if a parent running to meet its children after long time apart. We must turn the tables on the demons who haunt us out of the insanity of being unloved, by chasing them down with blazing Hearts, and indomitable laughter, as we run to skillfully persuade them to warm by our lovingness and join in the greater adventure of cosmic unity. We will revel to know enemies as opportunities to sharpen the skillfulness of loving, each a challenge to love deeper, bigger and stronger. In the Big Love, no one will be left behind. Love demands all come to celebrate the eternity of beauty.

This is the moment, every moment, to become everything we dream in our Holy Hearts. This is our moment, every moment, to not only make the world but join the world in the truth of beauty and the religion of Love! This is our moment, every moment, to be anything and everything we’ve always wished to be!