You are a song of the infinite,
The cosmic anthem of the stars,
The Earth's cry of love,
You are breathing the hymns of the universe,
And any spell of forgetfulness
Of your numinous identity
Is merely the universe asking to play
hide and seek
So play...:)

It truly feels as if everything has changed. As consciousness continues to in-light-in on Earth, a sense of mysterious adventure has begun to captivate our lives. Mysterious because if you turn on the TV, pay attention to mediated-matrix reality, it seems more and more like another world. Politicians seem so out of touch you wonder if they're on the same planet as us. And they might very well be. 

Many people are discussing a shift, an ascension, a leap into what some call "5th dimensional reality". This needn't be couched solely in mysticism. It's obvious that reality is multi-dimensional. For example, our physical body exists on a primarily materialistic plane, where touching a hot element causes a burn. Thoughts and feelings, however, exist on a higher plane, where current standards of logic are defied and the miraculous seems commonplace. For example, we now know through innovative, scientific experiments investigating phenomena of intentional consciousness that prayers sent halfway across the world can have an INSTANTANEOUS healing affect on those with illness thousands of miles away. As I have a penchant for saying, time and space is sooooo 20th century. It is our birthright to master these higher realms of thought and feeling and even beyond, bringing the miraculous into our lives with increasing affect. The multi-dimensions are what scientists call 'entangled' or enmeshed with each other so that they all have an influence on one another, making existence very interesting :)

These higher dimensions of thought and feeling are becoming highly energized at present, by external and internal forces. It has been scientifically confirmed that the Sun for the last century is going through a very active cycle of solar activity. Moreover, science has confirmed that solar rays affect the psyche of humans in profound ways that we're just beginning to understand, though more ancient, mystical cultures knew this only too well, but explained it through more of a symbolic, qualitative science. For instance, the incredibly precise Mayan calendar was created to track how stellar events influence humanity, enriching reality with a cosmic sense of adventure. It seems that this awakening and expansion of consciousness is being inspired by cosmic encouragement. Magical :)

However, this expansion is also being powered by the sheer attention many humans are giving to working with thoughts and feelings in artful, disciplined ways, such as working with the power of intention, visualization, even ecstatic dancing as a means to emotionally expressive of hidden hurts and working with entheogenic plants like ayahausca to have full on healings of the whole spectrum of our consciousness not only individually but also collectively, even cosmically.

What's amazing is now we're beginning to see this swell of consciousness appearing increasingly in the geopolitical world stage, like jubilantly defiant flowers bursting through the pavement to assert beauty as rambunctious truth. There's a massive grassroots movement in America to challenge the corporatacracy and take money out of politics and equalize a disturbingly large gap between the rich and poor (see the incredible documentary film "Inside Job"). Bernie Sanders, a fiery independent senator from Vermont, is running a passionate campaign primarily publically funded that is drawing the biggest rallying crowds by a wide margin over corporate backed nominees like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (crowds larger than Clinton's and Trump's COMBINED in fact).

The environmental crisis continues to assert itself as the crucial rite of passage that our species must pass through to unify beyond nationalities, religion and other cultural divergences that have set us in a tailspin of divisive war and selfish interest, leading humanity to aborting itself from the ecosystem of Earth where interdependence is law. We will no longer be able to behave independently of Mother Gaia and so many people are waking to this notion, inspired with magnificently beautiful and grand visions of a unified humanity and world finding common ground in a fight for survival and full on thrivival where we find and cultivate the indomitable joy of common bonds in communities of peace. The younger generations are getting this very early on and are creating a whole spiritual culture with conscious music and healing festivals, gift economies and a universal sensibility of love. It's only a matter of time before these empowering values become so actualized that they begin transforming culture on a massive scale.

But it is the call of the Earth that will unite humanity ultimately as it is the common, sacred ground upon which we all live and we're understanding how insane it is to fight for land ownership. The horrors of the Israel-Palestine conflict are the ultimate mirror of this ancient pattern of sickness (see the harrowing, Oscar-nominated documentary "5 Broken Cameras"). We've truly entered a time where we no longer have the time to concentrate our efforts on fighting each other but must work together to right the sacred balance of this planet. If we don't, the Earth will continue to shake us off. Those that awaken to this truth are the ones Earth is shifting to provide for.

It is time to see our nationalities, our religious identities and other cultural nuances as secondary to the primary identity of humanity. It is time to come together with friend and family and foes and those we're feuding with to foster great peace by catalyzing discussions around these kinds of questions: what does it mean to be human? What is common for us all? How can we forge greater unity in our species? How can we rediscover and live an indigenous identity that sees our connection to Earth as the primary source of our lives and sense of ourselves, devoted to the ecological laws of Gaia?

People are tired of the old patterns and they're awakening to them increasingly as consciousness expands. It's becoming increasingly devastating to consider how long we've been manipulated by tyrannies that masquerade as democracies. The hypocrycies are becoming so glaringly obvious that reality is becoming downright absurd! And as consciousness grows, it's becoming more obvious that there's a powerful moral dimension to it that will not stand for trangressions. It's no wonder that in Canada and America, two of the more dangerous canditates for re-election who support the two great ills of war and an oil economy in Stephen Harper and Hillary Clinton are both embroiled in scandals that are slowly vitiating their power. The masses are no longer sleeping sheep but are awakening as stallions of creative power.

There are more changes around the corner and some which may seem utterly frightening in their magnitude, such as a transformation of the capitalistic economic system, but what's also becoming increasingly clear is that there's a great number of people of powerful influence who are also working as alchemists to usher in an era of great peace on Earth that has never been experienced, where science and spirituality converge, and the virtuous govern, in rapport with the wisdom of nature (the soul of the Earth). Moreover, people are forging together in loving, conscious communities to offer support and transcend the isolationalism of urban, commercial cultures, opening up fiercely compassionate, transparent dialogues where people's deepest wounds are allowed to open in fully accepting spaces of unconditional love. We are being allowed to be who we truly are, in all of our weird and wondrous glory. For we are multi-dimensional beings, ever-flowing and changing, embracing the adventure of conscious evolution, throwing off the narrow developmental standards of our myopic social conditioning. We are becoming truly sovereign and exploring and owning all that we are. And we are realizing big things, daily, through this zest to test the limits. We're realizing that the universe is by nature good and beautiful, as is our humanity. We don't have to fear when we let go of our inhibitions, only open the safety net of our sense of humour and tolerance, as we might have exorcise some demonic distortions, which are really simply petals of the flower of our soul that were hidden so far inside that they didn't get enough sun and became gnarly and rotten. But nature regenerates and this is our birthright to heal and be bright again; to ask what lurks in our shadows to come out and dance in delight, to hunt the demons not to destroy them but give them a wedding invitation. We all know what happened to the Grinch when the Whos embraced him.

Whatever we deem evil cannot resist the power of Love. And we're realizing the power of Love, that that is what power really is. That you can have all the money in the world, the biggest army, own a thousand corporations, but you'll never have the impact on another human being that one can who is filled with the relentlessly influential power of Love. 

The Confederate flag has been taken town. The Conservatives lost Alberta (the closing of the eye of Sauron). Gay marriage is legal. Racism is being detoxed. Climate change is becoming an election issue. A flag of humanity is being proposed that contains the seed of the flower of life, a sacred geometric symbol ushering in the golden age where science and spirituality become lovers again. And in our own lives, people are experiencing telepathy daily, strange synchronicities (intentional coincidences), uber-mystical dreams, feeling energetic connections to trees, plants and others on a vibrational level, are mastering thoughts, becoming passionate meditators, are swelling with cosmic love and also intense grief and rage, as humanity unites, sharing its feelings more collectively. It's not always easy or clean this healing journey, this global initiation into unity consciousness, but there's always a big beauty beneath the surface of things, making ecstasy and bliss increasingly common experiences. And one of the surest ways to find balance again is to open and aim oneself to higher purpose (a practice I explore in my recent Druid post"What Do You Serve? Creating Lives of Greater Purpose"). We're realizing that heaven was here, the whole time, in the very essence of all that is; that glory is so abundant we can never hope to hold it all but have to share it so we don't explode with joy. And if we do, even better. What a world, what a time, what an experience. I'm so honoured to be existing, evolving with all of you. I love you ALL. To the evolution of the revolution!