Let's Get One'd: Galactic Consciousness, Human Unity & Cosmic Healing [A Druid Transmission]

We are witnessing a truly next level occurrence of human consciousness now on the planet. And it’s not always pretty. Right now, it’s healing time.
It’s clear from our mystic teachers that LIGHT is synonymous with consciousness and awareness. And what is going down right now is the LIGHT of consciousness is increasing at such a level and is, thus, illuminating the darkness much more than before. People are increasingly shocked to see the emergences of intense truth in our collective, more so than ever in the tales of corruption in our world in levels of government and the corporate/financial sector (if u wish to dive deeper into such things, check this vid out). Sometimes INTENSE is an understatement and we need as human beings much grounding, serenity and healing after absorbing some of this distressing knowledge (go to Mama Earth!). But it’s necessary and inevitable. If we are to hear the wisdom of our ancient Mayan ancestors and their extraordinary calendar system, we need to acknowledge that our planet is being bombarded by profound frequencies by galactic waves of energy that are levelling up the consciousness of humanity and perhaps all life-forms on the planet.
It’s also clear that climate change is a hybrid of both the disastrous effects of the mega-pollution we’ve wreaked on the environment and also the increasing activity of our sun that has been in a cycle of incredible solar flaring. Did you know the Sun has a direct influence on our psychic, namely by stimulating our pineal gland (), the legendary ‘Eye of Horus’ and ‘Third Eye’? Moreover, the pineal gland also secretes DMT, what has now been dubbed the ‘spirit molecule’ because of its immense psychotropic effects as induced by certain plant spirit medicines such as ayahausca. (Mainstream info/ and DEEPER).

Now here’s an interesting revelation I had not long ago: what if the Sun, traditionally regarded as a symbol of the masculine force of the Divine, ‘Father God’/’Solar Logos’, was regarded as such to symbolize and render its truly IMMENSE effect on our consciousness? What if the awakening of consciousness on Planet Earth at this time is massively influenced by the increasing fervour of the Sun and its electromagnetic activity? Maybe, the galactic waves of frequency are catalyzed by the Sun itself and perhaps in time with the energy of other Suns in a huge network of Solar Logos? (For it is mentioned in many ancient texts that planets and their central suns are all connected vibrationally). 
This is all to build context because context is important AND it’s very important that we realize what is happening in our lives is not overly identified with the personal realm (the pitfall of most modern conditioning and ego-tyranny). We need to render our connection to the COSMIC realm so we can understand our shared experience, which is a great way to rouse more community (Community is the new guru some have said!).
I believe there’s another aspect to consciousness as well that deserves recognition and that’s what modern physicists call entanglement. Entanglement explains that everything in the universe is energetically entangled together. Since the advent of the Internet, we have witnessed increasing global unity amongst the human species than ever before (well, at least as far as we know in ‘recorded’ HIS-story). And I believe as we entangle much more powerfully via the technology of the Internet and share the LIGHT of each of our personal spark of consciousness, we are actually lighting each other up even more! This is beautifully mirrored in how embers work in a fire: you put them together and they tend to burn brighter.

So let’s do a quick review until I break out my current point of revelation: humanity’s collective consciousness is waking like never before and, as a force of LIGHT, is illuminating the shadowy, unconsciousness aspects of our humanity and world. This is a cosmically-timed event: the mysterious genius of the Mayan calendar asserts that this is so via the explanation of ‘galactic waves’ of consciousness that wave through our galaxy at appointed times that they recorded, potentially catalyzed by solar activation (2012 was the beginning of the 9th Wave of Galactic Consciousness. More on that in a sec). And things are getting increasingly INTENSE.
The 9th Wave of Galactic Consciousness is a wave of UNITY. As it washes over the Earth, it is urging all that we are to UNIFY and this is precisely why things are getting more and more INTENSE on spaceship Earth: subsequently, anything that is AGAINST unity will receive the focus of the LIGHT for that is where the good work needs to be done so a sense of oneness can truly reign.

The revelation that has streamed through me that I believe is VITALLY important to share is this: the work of unity (‘one-ing’ as I like to say) is profoundly about healing. Healing the blocks within us that are breaking the flow of UNITY from connecting, weaving while also being able to hold a multi-dynamic sense of oneness where multiple views of truth can stand together. Here’s the rub: UNITY DOES NOT MEAN EVERYONE BELIEVES THE SAME AND IS THE SAME. It is not the destruction of diversity nor its denigrator. What it is is the awareness that all of our diversity is sourced from the same common ground, much like a plants, flowers and trees grows from the same common ground of Earth.
Now this common ground is a NOVEL emergence: for millennia humanity has been for the most part separated (Tower of Babel myth, anyone?). But now with the advent of modern technologies of communication and travel, we are converging like never before. We need to contemplate this deeply and allow this common ground mentality in for it shall forever change us all and make stridently clear what it is we all share rather than what makes us different. Moreover, it gets us in tune with the galaxy because according to our Mayan brethren. UNITY IS DEFINITELY TRENDING in the galaxy ;)

Ironically, as all of this UNIFYING is going down, I’ve been witnessing an increasing culture of DISUNITY on the planet, no more clear than what’s happening in America (and spreading elsewhere) in the growing polarity between what some are calling the ‘ALT-RIGHT’ and the ‘Regressive Left’. Social media like Facebook has become a battleground for beliefs and no one seems safe (unless you’re part of the growing wave of people ditching FB altogether, which definitely can be a skillful response). Yet, this is INEVITABLE and NECESSARY if we are to heal the divides between us. Moreover, we are also realizing (even subconsciously) that we need to get together because together we are facing the same problems created by our mutual effect on the world, namely the GLOBAL environmental crisis.
Thus, it is of the utmost importance that we figure out how to communicate to each other rationally, respectfully and lovingly because the work of confronting, questioning, re-evaluating and potentially revising beliefs is deeply complex, triggering and is connected to so many old, even generational wounds. This is, of course, tremendously handicapped by social media communication: you simply cannot hold the needed space for these healing conversations through the narrowness of digital-speak. What is TRULY needed is RITUAL space; healing space for not only transformation to be orchestrated but also for connection to that common ground of cosmic unity so that we don’t lose context that this is not only personal and that we are all of the same ilk. Some also call this kind of space liminal space.

It’s also important to understand that we BOTH can be right at the same. I’ve seen this play out more and more on FB posts that spurn discussions and even arguments. I will witness two people with seemingly opposing viewpoints but in reality they are both right--truth is actually multi-dimensional. But what’s even more profound is that I’ve also witnessed that they can only be truly right if they acknowledge that each of them holds piece of rightness that only truly emerges when they are brought together.
I saw this play out recently between two healers and great souls in my community who are both tackling the issue of sexual predation in two different ways. One wishes to be aggressive and punitive while the other compassionate and forgiving. Ultimately, BOTH are needed.
This radical dynamic may not play out all the time but it often does and increasingly to my eyes. What I’m suggesting is the next time you fall into argument on social media to STOP in your tracks and see if there’s any potential of carrying out this conversation in REAL TIME in a REAL SPACE where all of our human fields can interact. Even better, in ritual/liminal space. Firsthand, I’ve perpetually witnessed that the level of disrespect is greatly nullified when two people are face-to-face. And not to throw the baby out with the bathwater: online communication is important as it is a technology of unity but it’s also good to realize when we’re out-of-balance with it. If you’ve made 20+ posts in an argument with someone you know and is close to you or/and who you know you could call on the phone, perhaps supplement the conversation with something less virtual and more real. Supreme would be to gather community, seek out space-holders, shamans, healers, ritual elders even if it's something serious to many, and hold transformational space together for a NEW truth to emerge that constellates all viewpoints in a dynamic unity. In fact, I would say this is exactly where we're going because as more conflict emerges in the battlefield of beliefs, it's increasingly clear that there's a real societal breakdown in the current ways of truly resolving things. Community and ritual healing spaces are actually vital now for our species and because our beliefs directly create our behaviours and form our stories of ourselves, others and the world, they are actually crucial to our survival. Ultimately, we are being asked to co-create a new world based on unity as it's foundation and only via radical community will that happen.
We as a species are being asked to do the work of ages: to unite like never before, in a way that is unprecedented and, thus, inherently mysterious, for we don’t truly know what it’s going to look like. But I daresay we have an idea and at least moreso of what it FEELS like, because it FEELS damn good to come together with your human brethren, especially through the intense fire of transformation of conflict-to-peace; wound-to-wisdom. Ever been to a transformation festival like OM Solstice, Envision, Cosmic Convergence or Burning Man? Well then you know even better--bringing humans together, especially in freedom, creativity and revelry, is Heaven on Earth. 

It truly is monumental to contextualize oneself in this grand galactic wave of unity and know that we are being asked to heal some of the greatest wounds in our collective species identity and before the harrowing spectre of environmental crisis and potential self-destruction. It is that grave and, thus, that urgent that we listen to our ancestors like the Maya and understand just what is going on and how much truly cosmic support we have with the waves of galactic consciousness washes through us. Hold unity in your HEART as much as possible because it is in essence of our BIOSONIC RESONATER, transmitting the cosmic codings to all of our cells. AND LET’S GET ONE’D!!!