Tomorrow I leave for Europe (Austria & Germany) specifically to return to spaces and places I ventured to on my tour last year with some beautiful new expansions. On one hand, I'm sad to miss out on the last bastion of what has been perhaps the most fulfilling summer of my existence thus far. The perpetual state of overwhelment has gripped many of us; it's as if a great tidal way of consciousness is roaring into new heights yet has not crashed to shore. The build-up is ecstatic, intense, at times disconcerting. It makes me recall my resonance with a sagacious female friend of mine who shared that it's as if the collective field of humanity and Earth are reaching a point of orgasm. This orgasmic energy can be disconcerting because so many of us have not experienced such relentless joy, and constant waves of epiphany. If we stop enough (which is a challenge in itself in this fervent era) and be with our body, this multi-dimensional oh so holy vessel we will feel the coos of our soul literally making love to massively beautiful frequency waves of cosmic lovingness. Ecstatic dances have become ESSENTIAL along with many other arts and practices that allow us to travel the dimensions and reclaim our great selfhood; expand enough to get to that point of 'barely containing', where we ourselves are what is washing ashore a paradise of potential.

And oh the potentials :) Are your dreaming? Are you visioning with such alacrity that it's hard to sleep? That that you find yourself in immense eruptions of impassioned talk with friends about what could be? Or better yet, are you waking to the dream? There's SO MUCH being birthed in the higher realms; profound harmonic patterns, genius ideas pouring through, or rather, sprouting as their potentiality hits our own ecstatic bliss of enhanced consciousness and these shimmering sacred geometric seeds are suddenly bursting with rapturous release! 

Guidance for how to live out the rest of summer? Keep the fire burning, with radiance, and respect to the resources maintaining its sacred power; keep dancing, higher, lower, bigger, smaller--playing and trysting with the BIG LOVE and letting it plow open your Heart no matter how painful (and if it be let out a cry of grief and be released into transformation). And we need each other to do this, this is too big for individuals. The time for conscious community to take it to the next level is NOW--VOW to Wow, to be in awe, as we aspire with a jubilance of will liberated from the wiles of the old world order to bring through the spiritual into culture, find, define and honour what is sacred. We are all gonna be blown away by the beauty we be building and the possibilities themselves. Don't play small my divine ones: rainbow ones be busting from shells. Cosmic Affirmation of the Summer :: LET'S DO THIS!