What's been coming through for me this summer is that we are past the period of awakening on the planet, not that there's still many who need to awaken to a deeper, more spiritual sense of reality, but that there's a significant harvest of those who have already and we are ready for the next step. I see this firsthand in the galvanizing of conscious communities in Toronto and the world over in my travels. It's exciting and so empowering to feel more comradery among us all as we discover more boundless ways to let go of the competitive hubris of capitalist conditioning to work together as part of a united front of spiritual power.
This summer has been one of the most fervent for me on the level of consciousness. At least in the Northern hemisphere, the element of Fire of Summer, symbol of the radiance of consciousness itself, is so fever-pitch and it's spurning much transformation. It's pushing people into imbalance as nervous systems, especially those depleted by the rush of urban environments, are not able to truly ground these cosmic energies. That's why I've been so called to be more in nature and ground into Mama Gaia, who helps tremendously on this front. There have been literally moments when I peel myself away from work on my computer and almost walk in a trance to Dufferin Grove Park nearby to meditate and be with the trees whose wisdom I cherish so. Once I’m there, an open myself to the spontaneous flow of wisdom that the Heart is a portal for, I’m stunned by the downloads I receive. It is true as a Mohawk elder once taught me: we are all oracles.

On a geo-political, macrocosmic level, we see these awakening energies massively affecting things. Consciousness (LIGHT) is so high right now and is shining deeper and more expansively into the darkness like never before. Thus, the corruption of the US election and the ultimate revealing of the true farce of democracy is but a result and people who have not been aware of what was formerly being done in the shadows are in a state of shock to witness how deeply rigged the election has been. Moreover, Donald Trump continues to act so absurd one wonders if some conspiracy theorists are correct in that he's simply running an erroneous campaign to make sure Hilary Clinton (one of the most corrupt politicians) is able to win the public trust enough. It's so deflating to have yet another election before us when the choice between the less malevolent option is the case again. And yet, it’s inspiring a grassroots revolution that is unprecedented, at least since the 1960s, which has especially affected the young, who have been born with more sense around seeing the charades that pass as truth. The youth are seeing the truth of reality and are no longer standing idly by. It's time for us to truly begin transforming this broken system and already steps are being taken. Do not let the fear of Trump/Clintonpresidency trump the indomitable positivity of Spirit. Rather, begin to let go of energizing that dimension of the world as you are able and begin to see ourselves as the presidents, for we are stepping into true understanding of what it means to be divine: it means being a CREATOR. We are the true creators of this world SO what world shall we create? This should be our daily bread of inquiry.
With the collective consciousness reaching new heights of awareness, these shadow sides of things will continue to be increasingly revealed until we are motivated to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Take Climate Change: right now in the Middle East it's so hot in some areas is described as walking in fire and some places are 10 to 20 degrees above the average! There will be profoundly devastatingly karma that we as a species must reckon with as we encounter just how nefarious our treatment of the Earth has been...

Subsequently, many are alive right now who are deeply connected to indigenous wisdom, perhaps those who have incarnated before in such spiritually aligned, ecological-spiritual cultures. These are people who are brazenly devoted to changing things on an environmental level and are attending festivals in nature and communing with the Earth deeply to restore an embodied allegiance with all things Earthly. There's great hope in this as even our Prime Minister in Canada, Justin Trudeau, has acknowledged that the indigenous will be the ones to lead us out of the climate crisis. The truth is that WE ARE ALL INDIGENOUS in that we are all peoples of the Earth (though with starry imprints as well). It also must be acknowledged that many of these lineages have been broken like those of European descent who have little recollection that they have origins in Pagan culture which were the indigenous Europans. Many of those who currently hold sturdy, unborken indigenous lineage, such as Native Americans, are being sought for leadership and wisdom as they can help restore the eco-spiritual balance on Earth and help teach those who have lost their indigenous identities to reclaim them so we can all find a common ground on this planet. This is part of the Rainbow Warrior Prophecy as well.
[CHECK THIS VIDEO FOR MORE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7cylfQtkDg&list=PLA8430B37FB98D52A&index=2]
In my own offerings this Summer, I’ve seen the launch of Conscious Masculinity Toronto as there’s been such a need expressed among men to come together and find empowerment. I believe many of us brothers don’t even know what that specifically means only that there’s a deep burning in us to be brighter, stronger and more loving in our lives. Part of this is the Warrior archetype, waking from its slumber and mercenary corruptions to aim itself toward taking on the great spiritual war on the planet and help us render that conflict. As I mentioned, we are now walking onward from awakening into a new dawn and it’s my belief that some of those initial steps is waking to truly how serious things are on the planet and the need for us to step it up significantly. If you are one who is conscious and spiritual, this is our time to truly become leaders and powerful healers to help the world as the darkness is revealed presenting an opportunity for perhaps the greatest rebalancing. But to do so requires we become more disciplined (to be a disciple of) and find a bold and unified context where we can coordinate and aim our efforts. This will require us to begin navigating terrain that is uncomfortable for many, sometimes especially so for those who are more spiritual and sensitive, such as bringing forth more discernment, providing fiercely compassionate feedback to those who are acting wayward from the more clearly apparent Tao or way of truth (this includes and commences with such toward oneself). We will have to learn how to step into spaces where the moral and ethical dimension of spirituality is offered, which will be challenging but profoundly clarifying. We need to harken to the ancients on a number of fronts, such as recalling that Pagans regarded morality as occurring spontaneously in the moment as a knowing of truth by the Heart. It’s not about hard and fast rules but also being assertive when things come up to speak them. The skill will be in not what is being called out but how. It takes great skill to give someone feedback from a place of love that rather than provokes defensiveness in another motivates them to more positive action (I shall be presenting an article soon on giving positive feedback to this endeavour).
This is also a time of great revelry and even with all of these intensities I have dubbed this the summer of love for me personally. I have had more time to be festive with conscious communities than ever before and it’s so important to recall the sacredness of play, to get ecstatic in dance and song and see all of this as a holistic front where our play AND our disciplines are brought forth to work together.
At the end of the month, I shall be holding space with my beloved, Clarity, and some other powerful leaders to bring women and men and the feminine and masculine cosmic forces together to take on the raising of Guardian culture: empowered spiritual warriors who are able to clearly see what is sacred and in need of protection on this planet so that we can begin to grow and cultivate a new world and make sacred space for empowered wisdom to bloom. For example, it is time for men to truly understand how disempowering and abusive patriarchal sexuality has been for women, ripping them out of their nature and distracting them from doing their deep spiritual work. The sacredness of the feminine is needing to be understood more and more. My partner shared her experience at a Moon Ceremony at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica where the men stood outside for hours keeping an element of protection for the women and feminine being amplified inside to be free to do their wily work with wisdom. This is the energy men need to begin to carry, doing away with extremes of lust and seeing women as mere objects which take them into debilitating sexual scenarios that drain both parties in the end. A sacred sexual revolution is occurring that will be a massively integral piece in the regeneration of all humanity.
It’s time to begin asking of ourselves daily and constantly how may I be of service to the greater good? How can I embody the spiritual warrior/the rainbow warrior? Where in my life can I be more disciplined, where more playful? Where is there peace to be made in my personal life with myself and others? Who can I call on for support? This is not a trifle thing we are undertaking to uplift the world into a new shape where a truly enlightened culture can begin plant itself globally and take its first bloom into universal shape where truth simply is and the common ground of the Heart is acknowledged in us all.  We were born EXACTLY for this and to express a heroic consciousness. We are all the heroes, all the ONE, in a paradox that is so blissful that one has to dance and revel in it! I am blessed to know and love you all and to be doing this massive endeavour with you all! We are much more powerful and important than we understand and as the world comes to grips with its own madness and darkness, we spiritual leaders shall be the ones who will be looked upon to chart the new Earth. And we know this, don’t we? We’ve been waiting for this? And as we sharpen our sense of responsibility and ethics, the cosmos will exalt us and offer us more power knowing we will use it honourably as sacred King-Queens. It is time, beloveds, to help steward a spiritual world of universal wisdom for ALL CREATION!