"We came all this way to explore the moon
and the most important thing is that we discovered the Earth."

- Bill Anders, the
astronaut who took first photos of Earth from space 


There's a siege surrounding the declining comforts of our lives. A siege of increasing corruption, both politically and corporately; ecological catastrophe and harrowing revolutions; disasters and death and weather gone insane. The news can barely be beared: too many are dying, humans and lifeforms (from Egyptian revolutionaries, to Syrian civilians, to honey bees and glaciers). There's a flood of tears barely held back by fragile psychological defenses. A whisper deep from the soul, lingering beneath the surface of our busy minds, urges: why hold back?

Perhaps we fear that the same flood emerging from deep within is the same power behind the floods running into unexpecting cities, transforming lives dramatically, announcing a fury of Mother Earth we had not heeded in all the subtle signs, leading to eventual louder and louder cries. Our cultures and societies have not amply prepared us to take this on. We are bereft of psychological and spiritual skills to hold and comprehend the intensity of the situation before us. Worse, we are encouraged to be emotionally 'stable' and ever trudging forward in increasingly unfulfilling aims of material livelihood and achievement. And yet, it's that very material lifestyle that has got us here and the interconnections, though disturbing, are also empowering in the revealing one of the greatest spiritual truths: everything is connected; is one big whole-soul. So many have long declared that World War Three will someday soon dawn. And yet, it is already upon us but not as some War of Independence but as a War of Interdependence. Abundant masses are waking to this and beginning to fight not with arms of weaponry but compassionately activated arms of fervent embracing and constant good deeding (digging earth to plant self-sustaining farms, healing hands laying on bodies in energy medicine revival, piercing stagnant body armouring in ardent yoga poses, etc.).

We are sturdy folk and we are heroic at our essence. We are realizing the nourishment of adventure, of epic questing and resolving to face immense adversities as exuberant warriors who are inevitably revealed in more immense strength by doing so. This is no time to sit idly by for we are all being affected: there is no escape. The law of interconnectivity is blazing brighter and brighter still as eternal truth. Ignoring it pledges our allegiance to misery and falsehood. It is one the greatest truths to know. And though it may disturb us to see the connections of our greed-laden culture and the subsequent destruction of this beautiful Earth, in an instant of shift, we can restore harmony and healing through our own little acts and begin to recover this world. An embrace can change someone's life. An act of gratitude can ressurrect a darkened soul. An expanded communication to a tree or flower can forever alter perspective with expanded beingness. Our heart pours out around us its light. There is no limit to its influence. The miraculous is rooted in mundanity.

The old world order is collapsing and this is reason to sing and rejoice. For the freedom that comes in its wake is what we truly need and desire. To build a new world of community, strong love, beautiful power and spiritual science. A world we are re-enchanting by the magic at the essence of life itself, from its profound complexities to its tireless loveliness. We gain confidence and deep identity in joining the great mission to save the world and let the natural wisdom of the world save us. This is already happening and a new global culture is awakening, definining our species through connection and no longer the sheer divisions of diversity sourced in withering nationalism and evolving religiosity. The heart is our flag, green with earthiness, and an anthem of universal love holding all life together booms in its presence.

There's a siege surrounding the declining comforts of our lives indeed. But it's not only the doomsdaying destruction our negative news networks would have us believe. It's the love cry of a world dying to be reunited with us who have chosen to isolate ourselves in unnatural cities and wayward civilization. It's time to let the trapdoor down and let the pain of the world in to transform us. This will not be easy and yet we secretly would never wish it so because we are more than strong enough to handle it. But we must remember what we are in our depths to do so. I'll be there with you along with countless others, taking this greatest of challenges on. We will do this together. We will be heroic in kind. And we'll realize in unity that this is not merely humanity vying to save itself but the world and nature within us, coming forth and emerging in our lives to save and uplift itself. This is the story of paradise found. This is the story we're all in. Let us create it, now, together and forever...