Yin Salutation--George Atherton www.geoglyphics.com

Yin Salutation--George Atherton www.geoglyphics.com

I  have a feeling this next year is going to see a massive shift in how people are operating to better themselves, their lives and the life of the world around them. And I think one of the keys is that people are going to come to powerful understanding that intentional transformation can happen by the slightest of shifts of awareness and belief and that such shifts can cause unknown and amazing ripples of influence in their lives and those that are connected to them. This will coincide with an increase in practices of awareness practices, mindfulness and deepening of yoga and its inherent desire to foster immense connection. People are becoming more aware of energy and energy is consciousness. As this goes on, people will literally and palpably begin to FEEL more and more shimmers of sensation INSTANTLY in their being as they shift perspectives. They will receive the incredible bio-spiritual feedback from their amplifying bodies, nourished and strengthened by loving arts of attentions, that will cause the body to respond in loving kind with increased sensitivity. Feelings will reign above thoughts as true indicators of how to live because they connect us to a deeper and more emphatic sense of reality on a quantum level. Heart will rise to supremacy and the intellect will be rightfully set down to a more appropriate position of essential tool of analysis and rationalism, but will no longer hold imperial stead over our personalities.

As this work increases in vigour and results, we will subsequently become aware that the subtle changes to the energy fields of our being with subtle shifts of awareness and belief will also influence subtle changes to others, such as radiating love to someone who is in somber mood, and watching as the rigidity of their attitude melts and softens to exude joy before our eyes. We will come to ultimate understanding that we can change the world by changing ourselves in all of these little ways and it will make life adventurous, profoundly engaging and purposeful. Each slice of daily life will be an offering of prayer to a higher expression of ourselves as we take the time to treat it as a tremendous opportunity to cultivate loving power in each of us. A day will be understood as a reflection of the rhythm of our life and we will seize it with zest and fulfillment, knowing now all the subtle ways we can affect and create affection :) Empowerment will become increasingly pervasive as we witness our capacity to change vitally and with incredible immediacy.

Finally, all the restlessness to change the bigger world which can lead to great frustrations that stymie our positive energy will be surrendered to a more 'yin' approach that seeks the slow and steady changes. As we marvel in growing awareness and sensitivity, tweaking ourselves and world day by day, we will understand that changes often take time, honing in on the energy of 'cultivation', the practice of building slowly and impeccably which is prized by the Eastern mystics. As time flows on, we also open ourselves to the nonlinear dimension that pervade the linear scape of time, opening to potentials of 'random' miracles, playful climaxes when transformation suddenly hits a turbo charge and still points of meditative awareness where we suddenly find our consciousness passing through a worm hole, hitting a warp speed that takes us into realms of utter bliss. It's interesting to note that in a study of Zen Buddhists during meditation that the electrical charge of their brains would gradually slow to almost a stillpoint. However, it would suddenly increase in frequency to ascend to unparalleled activity. There will be a paramount understanding to rectify the cause for ascension--that descension is needed first to open the secret channel to transcendent experience; we have to go into the world to get outta this world! And then, we will descend again, to rise again higher, so that it becomes a rhythmic dance of growing expansiveness. Remember, the kundalini energy of yoga rises to its apex in the crown only to descend again to the root chakra at the base of spine, activating all of the chakras on its way down. Heaven and earth have set their wedding day for sometime in 2014 and it's going down in the sacred temple of all of our hearts :)

All of our lives are profoundly meaningful in ways we will never fully understand. And that's perhaps the most beautiful thing of all that 2014 I'm sure will reveal in greater appreciation--that we thrive when we embrace the constant journey, letting go of the fear of death by feeling the subtle energy of consciousness which is something eternal. As our lives take on powerful magic shape, we will realize just how much radiant influence we can have on the upliftment of the world by the frequencies of consciousness we create and cultivate in our being. Frequency is our identity and we are unimaginably magnificent creative and divine beings. In 2014, these dreams of powerful self and saved world will become the beams of intentional energy flowing out of our activated hearts. And as one petal of our heart chakra sways, oceanic waves of love wash through the ethereal worlds, shifting the fields that are at the essence of our material world. Magic will become commonplace. Wizardry will be our rights as citizenry of a divinely reclaimed world of cosmic connection. There is no way to prepare but surrender all limitations--beauty and truth are set to devastate us and leave us irrefutably transformed!