Wouldn't it be brilliant this weekend if nobody showed up to protest? If all them 'peace officers' fitted with their gamut of 'peace-making tools' (their 'peace-making' shields-tasers-batons-and let's not forget them 'peace-making' super-sonic gazoos) were left standing around with nothing to do but bask perhaps in the glorious sunshine of a luminous summer day? What if there was no riot for the riot-police? What if there was another, better, funner and more creative, effective way to protest? What if we left that old world of patriarchal-capitalist-hegemonic-materialist-military-industrial complex behind by not cooperating in the reason for $1 billion dollars (from who knows who!) for 'security'?

It would make the $1 billion spent on security seem disastrously ABSURD!!! I can see the gleaming, gleeful headlines parading the newstands: 

$1 billion+ Goes To Complete Waste As Would-Be Protesters Decide to Protest in New Ways! 

Security? Can You Say Over-Reaction? 

"I'm Bored. Do you know who won in the World Cup today" says young Police Officer

Riot-Police En Masse Caught Napping in Nearby Park

SERIOUSLY: instead of protesting we should gather to share ideas on how to create a new world of integrity, authenticity and beauty, mixing it up with spontaneous song and dance to truly celebrate our humanity and our planet. What use is there anyhow going downtown to confront our would-be leaders when we know the inevitable will occur: we'll be barred access by LEGIONS of antagonistic 'peace officers' with lots of mischievious ways to deter us, zoned off in carefully controlled spaces that will only make us more frustrated, ultimately feeling more angry and deflated, and potentially put in danger by true provocateurs whose anger boils over into violence (giving the riot police occasion to work and perhaps use their super-sonic gazoos) OR there will be provocateurs planted by the police as they did in Quebec some years ago. Ultimately, there's nothing really to gain by it unless you really want to go and rage away and get potentially harmed, as our would-be leaders chuckle behind their armed armada, feeling all the more important and victorious by the droves protesting outside, disabled from actually doing them any harm... 

There's lots of great events already converging all over the city where people will be gathering to create and celebrate. I for one am taking part in the beautiful Human Summit on Sunday. I'm also considering heading to Dufferin Grove Park for a day of meditation, music and playing crystal singing bowls. On an aside, know that Saturday the 26th is not only a lunar eclipse but one of the most significant astrological configurations we've seen of late. To be at a protest, feeding our corrupt leaders with our frustrations and anger would be a deft way to distract us from absorbing this amazing celestial imprint. In fact, many astrologers and other well-meaning thinkers are advising that the 26th is a great day to be spent at home or with friends, absorbing the beautiful energy from the skies. Something to chew on! 

I hope you consider my sentiments, brothers and sisters! Feel free to add your thoughts and feelings as well! Let us come together in these disturbing and wondrous times to create the world we've always dreamed of! Let us stand in our power and remember what we really are!!!