How I weep, silvery tears sighing forth from the gold hidden in my blood; the volcanic vision erupting from the seething dreams of my heart. How I weep, joyously, for being human; for being an ambassador of the One, sent to guide all fragments to come whole. How I weep, knowing the nectar of the very stars whispers ever in my ear the songs that I must sing to enchant the broken world...

The sacred tobacco offering is held high in my shaking fist, as I raise it to Father Sun, down to Mother Earth and beat it to my chest where Heart prepares their wedding day. 

On the subway, I come to tears as I fight to stay above this sea of forgetfulness I see in every eye. We are beauty beauty beauty, I wish to cry out, dance out and shake into my human family! But I do not…I imagine great webs of light pouring from luminous orifices along my spine, feeding all souls in this cage…but am I just coping? Am I afraid to act and defy logic? Am I not born to be furious at all this social conditioning, ravaging the wild power clawing at the armour that inhibits the sweet soaring of our souls?!

I skip home. Skipping rocks. It’s a lost spiritual art. When I skip, I forget how high I can leap and how fast I can go, as if the ground were rubbery; a long trampoline christened by my crazy calves. I skip and can’t stop laughing, all the way home. 

I am born again ever since I realized that I only came through my mother’s womb: my true parents are divine. And now I am ever child…

There’s much to be done. I have been for so long not on the Way. The way is ever pouring from my heart but my heart has been obscured by superfluous desires and conditioning. I sit still now, wherever I am, even if I’m moving. I want to see this Way and feel it in every thing I do. I want to watch its rays of light pouring out in each heartbeat. I want to disappear in it, say goodbye to I and become a mere conduit for its expression. For I know now, yes I know that all the Way wants to express is that yes things all got split up and scattered, even at harrowing distances that may have taken millennia to cover, but here, now, always, an act of love saves the world from peril. And think of how many you can make in a day: that is its challenge…I open my eyes, the sage burns, the trees flit in the wind. The sky above, the earth below, and I between, a pillar of the universe…yes I open my eyes and see a world waiting to be loved…how long shall we delay?