Powerful Collaborations

Darren has had the honour of providing an opening crystal singing bowl invocation at a several of Teal Swan’s events in Toronto and NYC.
darren with teal swan

Darren with Teal Swan

darren and gabor mate.jpeg

Darren with Gabor Maté

Dear Darren,
Your bowls are singing and you are bringing. The voice of the divine to life; To everybody/every mind
To the Soul; From a bowl to the Soul; Carriers of sacred sounds speaking with the voice of an angel; Yes, you fly; And with that, I remember to use my wings of the spirit descending; It is me, oh God I recognise; bow; To your bringing and singing of bowls; For taking me in and understand the deepest of myself; sacred, native; Yes, I do.
— Wim Hof/the Iceman
I have had the benefit and pleasure of hearing Darren’s astonishing sound healing music and sacred tones at several events I have facilitated. Darren’s contributions leave me awed and inspired and that much more present for the task at hand. I always look forward to our collaboration.
— Gabor Maté M.D.
darren and wim

Darren and Wim Hof/the Iceman


Darren with Graham Hancock