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Cannabis Ceremony & Soundbath with Darren Austin Hall

  • The House of Yoga 714 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON, M6G 1L4 Canada (map)


Marijuana, Cannabis, Santa Maria has been used for eons by many cultures globally as a sacred plant medicine that endows relentless spiritual inspiration. Shamans in China apparently used it almost 5000 years ago in some of the earliest record of its usage and Shiva, the great Hindu God, apparently helped bring "Ganja" to the world for healing benefit. It's adoration by Rastafarians is well-recognized. And new evidence has discovered that Jesus and his disciples used cannabis extract to enact miraculous healing cures, perhaps prophesizing its current revolutionary use in the curing of cancer! After centuries of prohibition, marijuana is finally being accepted again in Western culture. It is time to revere this sacred plant medicine and use it for its highest purpose to enthuse our spiritual nature. Honouring the beauty and power of plant medicines is a profound way to deepen one's experience with these wonderful herbs. We'll begin by consecrating our connection to this wonderful plant spirit medicine and then lift-off on a mystical musical adventure. Ganja and vaping equipment is provided :)

Come experience the return of this special offering at The House of Yoga! Sacred musician, Sound Healer & Spiritual Teacher, Darren Austin Hall, will weave an EPIC evening of sacred soundscapes with a diversity of healing instruments such as crystal singing bowls, angelic guitar, Indian tanpura, lyre-harp, with powerful source-singing and channeled wisdom and songs. It's truly an extraordinary experience to partake of Cannabis and experience these healing sounds. Next level! 

Space will fill up!
Wake up to the world after this experience with the tastes of chocolates and berries :)
If you need financial assistance, shoot me an email at :)

"In one cannabis origin story, long before the creation of the universe, Shiva and other gods churned the great ocean of matter making Amrita, the potion for eternal life. According to the ancient tale, some of the elixir dripped onto the earth and, where it dripped, cannabis plants sprouted from the soil."

from "How Hinduism’s cannabis god fuels India’s weed-loving culture"