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Sound Healing Intensive Weekend in Essen Germany

  • Knappschafts Krankenhaus Medical Center 34 Am Deimelsberg Essen, NRW, 45276 Germany (map)

SOURCE RESONANCE is a journey of transformation and evolution through the healing power of sound and the sacred practice of music, connecting us to ancient lineages of healing and spiritual wisdom as well as advanced scientific paradigms. It is this convergence of science & spirituality in music and the science of vibration that illuminates universal aspects of our humanity and reality, opening up new possibilities of existence and evolution. In this training, we shall be initiated into this new paradigm of an energetic, vibrational and multi-dimensional reality and learn why sound healing is one of the most significant emergent medical fields. Our journey will reconnect and root us to the ancients and their 'sonic mysticism' and sacred musical arts in a diversity of global cultural expressions. We shall learn basic and advanced skills of sacred sounding to foster an individual practice, as well as learn how to conduct Soundbaths and Sound Journeys for groups and therapeutic environments. We will delve into the exciting potentials of one-on-one Sound Therapy with Tuning Fork modalities that merge Chinese Medicine & Yogic technique to heal the body on a fundamental, energetic level. And we shall embark on the recovery of the sacredness of music as a force to uplift, transform and connect the world and foster community.

Training Elements:

- Explore ancient spiritual and shamanic wisdom on vibration and music and how they interconnect with modern quantum physics.
- Learn skills of sacred sound through the art of vocal toning and the awesome healing power of the human voice
- Free one's creative self-expression through Shaking Medicine and Ecstatic Movement
- Deep listening exercises to use music as a meditation
- Group sound practices to empower community healing
- Learn to free the voice and 'Source-Sing' (intuitive singing)
- Work with the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls & other musical and healing instruments
- Create group Soundbaths, Sonic Rituals & Personal Sound Practices
- Learn to work with the sacred medicine of Cacao (Sacred Chocolate) in a ceremonial context
- Discover the Yogic tradition of sound (Nada Yoga), Mantra & Kirtan.
- Conduct one-on-one Sound Healing
- Learn Energetic Medicine theory, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.
- Learn Tuning Fork Therapy
- How to balance and work with the Chakras with Sound
- Introduction to the path of the Sacred Musician

This training intensive is for:
- Those wishing to delve deeper into the world of Sound Healing and understand key concepts of Vibrational Science
- Healers & Medical Practitioners who wish to bring the excellent relaxation and stress-relieving powers of Sound Therapeutics into their practices
- Yoga Teachers and Practitioners wishing to learn more about the Yoga of Sound, antra chanting and find more power in their voice
- Those wishing to learn how to access their inner-musician and express it in the world
- Those wishing to free themselves of inhibitions around their creative expression

Darren Austin Hall is a sound healer, ceremonial musician and spiritual teacher. He tours internationally, sharing his healing music with the crystal singing bowls and his array of spirituality and wellness workshops and courses. His performances, workshops and teachings are devoted to evolving human consciousness and inspiring a sense of universal truth and unity as well as invoking spiritual activism. He was a featured performer at the TEDx Conference in Toronto and is a writer of the blog called The Druid and is contributor to many online zines, as well as being a spoken word poet. He is a recording artist and his new album ‘Songs of Source’ features his work with the crystal singing bowls and his unique ‘source-singing’. He is also co-founder, DJ and co-facilitator of The Big Love Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony as well as his own Shaking Medicine Ecstatic Movement offerings. Darren has also trained with indigenous elders and wisdom keepers the world over and has been on an odyssey reclaiming his own European indigenous heritage. He is devotee of the wisdom of nature, tales of the Goddess and is committed to regenerating ancient eco-spiritual wisdom to help guide humanity toward a new age of great peace and harmony with the Earth. He is currently at work on a series of books on spiritual philosophy and tantric writings and poetry to be released soon.

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