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The Big Love: Winter Solstice Ecstatic Dance Celebration / Rebirth of Light

  • Temple 23 7 Fraser Ave. Unit 2 Toronto, Ontario Canada (map)


THE BIG LOVE returns for another evening of sacred revelry and seasonal attunement as we honour and celebrate the Winter Solstice, a time revered since ancient times as the Rebirth of the Light! The Winter Solstice marks the longest day of darkness of the year when the Earth in the Northern latitudes is farthest from the Sun. Yet, this is also the great turning point when we begin our return toward the Sun and why it was honoured as a time of year to celebrate the Rebirth of the Light.

We shall brazen our glow by the mighty medicine of Cacao/Raw Chocolate elixirs, partaken in ceremonial context to give our hearts wings and through our inhibitions wayside as we enter into the freedom of dance. We shall move through the Four Elements of Water/Earth/Fire/Air-Ether in our ecstatic dance, churning the radiance of our souls, letting feelings freely flow and finding that sacred kind of fun in spirited community! DJ Druid (Darren Austin Hall) will be behind the decks for another journey of the most soul-stirring dance music and Jesse Buck will guide and co-create atmosphere. We shall commune in the beautiful grounding of a Crystal Bowl Soundbath following the dance and then enter into a final ritual and free-chant to honour the rebirthing light and the turning to Winter!

Healers will be on hand to keep you flowing and offer salving gifts. Yummy and wholesome treats & elixirs will also be available for purchase. Many more magic elements to be released as well so stay attuned! We look forward to dancing the medicine of the open heart with you all!