tedX toronto | activating sound meditation

December 13 2016 // Toronto, Ontario Canada


Cosmic source song ::  crystal singing bowls universal sound healing

A 'source-song' is channeled, improvised, brought through intuitively. It harkens to ancient expressions of music as a spiritual offering; a vibratory prayer powerfully originating from the Heart.


New year's Crystal Soundbath at Soul Movement Party

December 31, 2017 – January 1 2018 // 
Centre of Social Innovation, Toronto


Om reunion solstice festival 2016

June 2016 // Live at The Hive

he first song is riddled with channeled lyrics from the well of feelings I was overcome with in this magic of a moment, before flowing into a shamanic soundbath with crystal singing bowls.


Darren Austin Hall Live at One Heart Concert

February 20 2016 // Roncesvalles United Church, Toronto, ON

The first offering is an invocation featuring the ancient monochord, a drone instrument crafted by Pythagorus. The next two songs are total free transmissions, the 2nd guitar ballad a song for my love.


Gaia Nature Meditation live at Yerrama yoga Sanctuary

2015 // Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

By visionary filmmaker and creator, Vladimir Yatsina, on the Sacred Heart Tour, Spring 2015. "Gaia" is a prayer to the living Earth, shamanically sung.


Woman :: Live at the sacredness of women benefit concert

November 28 2014 // Yoga Village

In this video I share a new song that I composed called "The Sacredness of Woman". I am graciously joined by Lucas on cello, Patrick O'Reilly on guitar and beats, Rachel Tokayer on vocals and the wondrous Allia Mai providing a seraphic hooping performance.


live crystal bowl awen with megan-marie gates :: mystical heart concert

September 2012 // The Yoga Sanctuary

The awen is the sacred current of creativity that artists enter into to be inspired; where spontaneous flows of playful force, urge souls to sing. The word derives from Celtic and was coined by the Druids.


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