“When attempting to describe someone's music, it's natural to compare it to something else. I have trouble doing that with Darren Austin Hall's album The Tantra of Truth because his sound is so original. Sometimes I feel I'm listening to a modern shaman; other times I envision myself sitting on a vast delta in India watching the sun rise, or in the depths of an ancient temple in Tibet. Guttural calls from deep in the throat manifest as sutras, then something else. Spontaneous poetry and evocative rhythms bring to mind yoga or psychedelic journeys. I alternatively want to meditate and dance to this fusion music: this could be the sound track for what Terence McKenna called the Archaic Revival.” 
- Guy Crittenden

“I met Darren in my first attempt to take my yoga practice further at a retreat in Goa. After witnessing his musical talents in a few social gatherings, I decided to have a one on one sound healing session with him. Prior to our session, I was skeptical about sound healing and other holistic practices alike. Skeptical yes, however, open-minded. The sound healing session with him was life changing. I could feel my whole body vibrating to the sound of his music. I felt connected with nature. I felt the hand of God. I would describe the session with him as a private concert for the soul. By the end of our session, I wasn’t just relaxing like after a massage. This was different. This was bliss. Darren is a channel to the divine. If God had a voice, he would sound like Darren.” 
- Vanessa Conrad