We don’t always have to sit still in silence to achieve awakening or to experience a connection to the universal energetic life-force. 



Moving to the rhythms of sacred sound, trembling, vibrating, quaking, and shaking is medicine for the body, mind, and soul. Though some would say it has been lost in the modern world and only practiced by ancient cultures and shamans, Darren Austin Hall after experiencing Shake Medicine's powerful wellness effects, has brought it back in a conscious community gathering known as THE BIG LOVE.


The Big Love refers to the infinitely expanding quantum field of unified energy that science and mystics agree is the foundation of reality.

The Big Love is the co-creation of Darren Austin Hall & Jesse Buck who integrate a diversity of elements to create one of the most spectacular and transformative ecstatic dance experiences. The Big Love is an offshoot of Darren's Shaking to Shine workshops which were inspired from his training with Dr. Bradford Keeney in "Shaking Medicine & Creative Transformation Therapy". Dubbed 'the American Shaman', Bradford spent a decade learning and being initiated by the San Bush People of the Kalahari, one of the oldest living cultures on the planet, who use ecstatic shaking practices in shamanic healing ceremonies to induce powerful healing states. Bradford discovered the practice of shaking to be shared by cultures all over the world and theorizes it is the original medicine in his book Shaking Medicine: The Healing Power of Ecstatic Movement.

One of the aims of ecstatic dance and shaking medicine is to amplify one's sense of self and world to connect to this vaster field which commonly induces abundant 'peak experiences' and life-changing epiphanies. Darren's own belief is in resonance: "Ecstasy is a most excellent medicine that modern civilized humanity is starving for."

Every Big Love commences in ritual with a Cacao Ceremony where participants drink a Raw Chocolate elixir that induces a natural state of euphoria, opens the Heart and ignites a state of joy. The ecstatic dance follows with Darren (DJ Druid) helming a set of amazing music that takes participants through an elemental journey through the slow-flow of Water, to the tribal beats of Earth, the impassioned trance and fierce drums of Fire to a closing in Air/Ether where the dance turns to prayer. Jesse & Darren offer periodic facilitated cues to take dancing expression into higher realms, deeper grooves and wilder catharsis. It becomes a truly collective experience of transformation and ecstasy! The dance then moves to a Crystal Bowl Soundbath as people lie down to restore themselves in healing meditation. The closing finds the group emerging into circle for a Heart Resonance Free-Chant where participants sing together in an intentional ritual to share their Big Love vibrations with the wider world.

The Big Love also has a team of healers on hand offering Reiki, bodywork, Tarot, astrological readings, etc. for those wishing to take a break from the dance. As well, there raw and vegan healthy treats and elixirs on hand for purchase, made by a team of extraordinary chefs and wellness experts.

The Big Love is ultimately an experience of a kind of conscious nightclub turned ecstatic temple where Cacao offers a healthy alternative to alcohol, dance is highlighted as a healing activity and people can come together and forge a deeper state of unity and spirituality in community. The beauty of a Big Love truly changes lives :) Check out The Big Love on Facebook here.

Darren's "Shaking to Shine" workshops are his solo offerings of ecstatic dance with a focus on cathartic release through shaking the body and vocal releasing. Darren DJs a set of immensely epic world-beat music to groove to and facilitates movement expression. Each workshop closes with one of his legendary crystal bowl soundbaths. 


Ecstatic Dance releases old, stagnate emotions and can elevate you to high vibrational states that have profound healing effects. The wildness of dance as an expression of primal freedom can relieve stress from modern day living and re-vitalize tired bodies. It is gives us the opportunity to literally “shake” it off, release what burdens us and make space for transformation to happen, sometimes instantly!


THE BIG LOVe  //  live recordings

THE BIG LOVEEarth Day Ecstatic Dance Celebration

THE BIG LOVE Winter Solstice Mix

THE BIG LOVE Hallowe'en/Samhain Ritual Ecstatic Dance


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