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Sacred music

“Someday music will be the means of expressing universal religion. Time is wanted for this, but there will come a day when music and its philosophy will become the religion of humanity.”


We live in truly extraordinary times. One of the greatest fields of innovation is the integration of healing modalities and creative arts. Music has been used as a form of healing since time immemorial. We can recall our indigenous brethren moving and dancing to drums and singing passionately to restore vitality, inspiration and love to their maligned souls. We can look to Pythagoras and his voluminous study of the science of harmony throughout the design of the universe and music as its highest expression, which can remind us of our own inner-harmony, especially when we veer wayward into states of disconnection. Today, musicians and creative healers alike are rediscovering the power of music and sound to restore us to greater harmony. 

“To sing is to pray twice.” -- St. Augustine

My own explorations of music as a healing art has been one of my most inspired adventures. My journey began as a student of Chinese Medicine keen to integrate my own musical sensibilities in my medicine practice. This has taken me foremost into using the incredible quartz crystal singing bowls  whose profound tones almost instantly put people into meditative and healing states. I utilize as well the powerful integration of Acutonics and Tuning Fork Therapy with acupuncture without the use of needles but instead the use of vibration in one-on-one and group healing to restore the subtle fields of our well-being. I also integrate other instruments such as guitar, monochord, lyre, tanpura and more to create empowering and moving soundscapes that can bring people into deeply sacred sentiments that in themselves are healing. My work is varied and multifaceted. I perform sacred music concerts for the public, teach workshops on pragmatic applications of sound healing and conduct one-on-one and group healing incorporating sound healing, acupuncture and yoga. I feel blessed to be alive in a time when so many cultural expressions are finding basis in a healing service to all.

“Music is the highest art, and to those who understand, is the highest worship.”                             
-- Swami Vivekananda

Ever since I was a child I've heard music flowing through my being; big, heroic, anthemic, inspiring music that lifts the spirit and evokes transcendental highs. I'm happy to say I feel I am now making the music I always dreamed of as a child :) 

I call the music I create sacred music and I do not use these mighty words lightly. Sacredcomes from the Indo-European root root 'sak-' which means 'power or divine force'. Ultimately, this is the essential intention of the music I make: to inspire in those who are listening and participating in it (for instance, in co-creations of chant) to feel powerful in a deep and profound way; to feel an expansion of being and feeling beyond the terrain of conventional emotions to ecstatic sentimentality (such as the feeling one gets when considering the infinity of the cosmos. If only pop music spoke to these inherently and bombastic human feelings more!). Moreover, as healer trained in shamanic technique, I intend to invoke divine force in this music, to create vibrations that will inspire healing and insight for those listening, whether live or via captured recordings. This is my humble service to the awakening of humanity to true empowerment, which is the great shift happening across the planet.

Darren Austin Hall’s music is sound-healing-energy, a journey into the deep bliss of your being and an evolution of consciousness at its highest level. His use of crystal bowls coupled with his shamanic voice sends you into another dimension, one of total healing and integration....sublime!
— Meenakshi and Ron Reid of “Swaha”

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