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#40: Resetting the Planet

KYO Podcast
Sound healing is a great nexus of intersection between ancient wisdom and modern science. It is one of the hotspots for the rebirth of a new renaissance that is opening the possibility of universal truth based on the common ground of vibrational reality.

#15: Sound Bathing from the Heart

The Hearty Gentleman Podcast
Listen as Darren and Jordan talk about everything from brainwave frequencies to government conspiracies.


The Holistic Health Masterclass Podcast 
This talk touched on a wide range of topics. They discussed global problems that affect on a personal/individual level, men's healing, archetypes, patriarchy and what is needed to bring balance back to the male/female dynamic in the world. They also ask the question: could psychedelics, Shamanic medicine and sacred frequencies hold some clues?

S02 E05 of Live Breathe Yoga

Live Breathe Yoga Show
In this episode, Darren goes over the fundamentals of sound healing.


podcasts By darren


the king & queen archetype

This talk explores archetypal theory specifically relating to the King/Queen archetypes. For more, read a blog post I have written on the subject here.

the divine path of romance

This talk is a taste of what I explore in my Sacred Sexuality & The Divine Path of Romance Workshops and courses.

remembering the mission

This talk is about the basics of working with the Warrior archetype, one of the four Jungian (Carl Jung) archetypes, based on the writings of Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette in their book King Warrior Magician Lover.

earth wisdom

In this talk I explore both the spiritual and scientific perspectives on how humanity can restore balance on this planet and in our own lives.