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Group Soundbaths with Crystal Singing Bowls


Soundbaths are some of the most popular and powerful experiences of the new paradigm of sound healing. They are immersive experiences of healing sounds for an extended period with the focus on bringing the body and mind into restorative states of relaxation and even inspiring mystical experiences.



Darren's Soundbaths are truly legendary and offer something stylistically unique. Darren has been gifted since birth as a 'song-channeler': he sings intuitively from a space of ecstatic awareness, bringing forth tones and melodies in a multi-octave range, singing words of spirit. The ancients called this 'speaking in tongues' and modern culture deems it 'idioglossia'. This style of singing is also regarded as shamanic singing for it entails the singer entering into an altered state of consciousness to connect to mystical realms to express healing sounds for the benefit of those present. In fact, the shamans of the San Bushpeople of the Kalahari called these people 'song-catchers' and Darren's work with Dr. Bradford Keeney (who was initiated by this culture) has helped him develop this ability.

Darren's Soundbaths can be tailored from 30 mins – 2 HOURS and service groups of all sizes, intimate and immense.


  • Immense stress-relief

  • Deep relaxation

  • Relief of pain

  • Calming the mind and over-thinking

  • Diminishing anxiety and depression

  • Gentle soothing and even release of trauma, including PTSD

  • Inspiring mystical states of awareness

  • Receiving of intuitive spiritual messages

  • General upliftment

  • Rebalancing of the nervous system


Immerse Yourself

Read this exciting article "Sound Baths Move From Metaphysical to Mainstreamin The New York Times about how Soundbaths have graced the general public. 

new york times article, soundbaths in the mainstream

the power of darren's soundbaths

Darren's Soundbaths integrate a variety of exotic and salving instruments, from crystal singing bowls, chakra drum, koshi chimes, swinging chimes, Tibetan tingshas, Indian tanpura and more. It is his work with the crystal singing bowls which he is truly renowned for. Darren brings a masterful proclivity to work with these truly celestial instruments whose angelic tones not only put us into alpha-wave serenity but also open us to spiritual connection. He is also an excellent meditation guide and often leads collective chanting to close the experience on a joyous note of unity.

Darren's sacred music concerts combine elements of the crystal bowl Soundbath with sharings of more of his song compositions and channelings on guitar and other instruments. Darren also often integrates his moving spoken word poetry, story-telling and spiritual teachings. These concerts are truly ceremonial in nature, always beginning in ritual invocation. Darren's song compositions are filled with conscious lyricism and prayerful intentions.


Watch Darren's Universal Sound Healing Crystal Bowl Session to get a sense of what one would feel like.


Listen to the track Gayatri, from Darren's third album Tantra of Truth for a deeper resonance into the music surrounding his sacred Soundbath sessions.