Are you searching for a higher sense of identity and purpose that will inspire your life with passion, embolden integrity and give you the skills to hold the intense responsibilities of life with a joyful, calm and unwavering sense of caring?


Do you feel in our modern world that there is something lacking in the development of truly powerful and mature men?


Are you wondering what a healthy and authentic expression of masculinity truly looks and feels like?

These questions have captivated men for centuries, and the work done through the Conscious Masculinity course offers opportunity for fulfillment.

Men today are searching like men of all ages for a higher sense of identity and purpose that will nourish their life with passion, embolden integrity and give them the power to hold the intense responsibilities of life with a joyful, calm and unwavering sense of caring. This heroic consciousness is desired by all men and is being called upon with great fervour in our current era. One of the awakenings men are experiencing is that patriarchy wounds women AND men. Specifically, patriarchy stymies male development, conditioning men with an immature masculinity that doesn’t offer full empowerment. These leads men into tantamount mental health issues as they struggle to find a true sense of themselves and an authentic sense of power that uplifts self, others and world, rather than seeking domination over others, spawning abusive behaviour. Moreover, the quagmire for men deepens in that they are often taught to be repressive of their emotional nature and all connection to their inner-feminine. Ultimately, the masculine and feminine aspects within a man need to be in proper balance and both are thrown off by social conditioning, leaving most men in a listless state of quiet suffering. Thankfully, this has provided a profound opportunity for an awakening in men to revise what it means to be truly be a man. We live in times of tremendous rebirth and it is time for men to step up into transformation and wonderful evolutionary potentials to become agents of positive change in their lives and the world.

The foundation of this work uses archetypal theory which is ancient psychology renewed for our modern world, offering a boon of resources to help men navigate their way out of these quagmires and begin to create a sense of themselves that is virtuous and magnanimous. Based on the innovative work of esteemed psychologist, Carl Jung, archetypal work is a catalyst for reclamation as it is one of the most ancient and powerful sciences of self to ever be created.  Deeply rooted in ancient wisdom these notions are also cutting edge. 

The Work

Heroic Consciousness: A Journey Through the Archetypes of Masculine Empowerment is a four-part course created by Darren Austin Hall to guide men through engagement of the four major masculine archetypes (King, Warrior, Magician and Lover).

The course is a dynamic intersection of philosophy, prayer, guided meditation, dream-work, qigong and sound therapy. As each archetype is explored, it is commonplace for men to find themselves being profoundly activated and roused to virtue as the archetypes are truly hard-wired in human consciousness, albeit obscured by social conditioning.  

By taking this course you can expect to unearth your true power through identifying with each of the four archetypes, nourishing your personality with multi-dimensional dynamism and a diversity of rich character growth.

Part I

Introduction to Archetypal Theory/The Warrior
True Power, Discipline and Serving the Mission

part II

The Magician/Shaman:
Mastering the Mind, Channeling Wisdom and Self-Healing

Part III

The Lover:
Skillful Love-Making, Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Connection

Part IV

The King
Creating Order, Caring for the World & Leading by the Heart

Masculinity is not in its essence abusive. We have within us the innate potential to use our masculine power for blessing, stewardship and servant leadership. Our ancestral longings may yet be fulfilled—not through one messianic person, but through an inner revolution in the maturation of masculine consciousness in which millions of men may participate.
— The King Within

Men's Retreats

Heroic Conscious Men’s courses inspired Darren to create the Earthknight Men’s Retreats which he co-facilitates with a team of other male thought-leaders. These retreats are immense opportunities for men to dive deeper into archetypal work, galvanize a true and stirring sense of brotherhood, rejuvenate in nature and get free.

Earthknight Men’s Retreats also offer an opportunity for men to get in touch with the sacred feminine nature through ecstatic dance and sharing circles where emotional pain can be released in supported vulnerability.  Song circles, physical activities and cacao ceremonies are a few of the offerings that encourage play and attribute to the heart opening benefits.  The time spent together is truly transformational and life-changing! 

Darren is also the founder of Conscious Masculinity Toronto which is both a virtual hub connecting men’s groups and initiatives together in the greater Toronto area and the container for his own men's circles and courses and classes. He has been running men’s circles for many years now. To come to the next event, email Darren for more info.

For all those who may concern, Earth Knights Man’s Retreat has been the most profound, transformative, and empowering weekend I have ever been to. The first day was filled with nervousness that quickly moved into comfort when I realized that we were all a little nervous. As the day went by and epic connection and conversation started, I began to see how, though I felt nervous, there were people who showed courage. The day ended with a feeling of freedom. Being able to share myself with men who would listen helped me become more free and at better service for the fellow man.

The second day was an adventure that began with an amazing breakfast. I mean, wow. I can only call the cooks master chefs. These men who understand the Ayurvedic diet and the health of the human body, fed all of us with the most delicious food I have ever tasted, probably the healthiest as well. As the day progressed, we were led through Yoga, Qi Gong, and mindfulness practice. It was hard, but knowing that it was geared towards men and towards balancing testosterone, made me realize that this weekend was all about men. And I felt right at home with it.

I am extremely grateful for all the men there and for the facilitators. This weekend started my journey to become a more conscious, more control of myself, and free man.

PS. So much fun!
— Peter S.