There comes a time when heroes are needed.  Beings of great power, wisdom and love to rectify waywardness, confront and transform tyranny and inspire possibilities when adversity obscures vision and joyful transcendence. Our world exists in such a context right now: challenges charge toward us and we meet them, breaking down to break through (thank you, Michael Eisen), struggling to find eventually and suddenly ways to dance with our shadows and wisdom to be whirled from wounds. Take a moment and consider just how much adversity has played part in our lives and the world’s in the last five years alone and notice what feelings flow…

…It’s easy to take stock of all the glory and pain, and feel a sense of quiet triumph to know what we’re travelling through, emboldening us, evermore radically. I’m in awe at what as a species we are processing and actualizing. Wonder is in our wake!

Some believe it is merely the amplified awareness evoked by the Internet; a technologically-enhanced enmeshment of the global human nervous system, feeding back events that we would once be entirely unawares of, or would receive with much more delay, now INSTANTEOUS. One can witness the Buddhist notion of “interdependent arising” of forms, circumstance, etc. from the unified quantum field of global experience, rising and falling perpetually and with potent immediacy; the religion of dynamic and united energy.

Others believe a cosmically timed awakening of consciousness is occurring which ingenius ancient cultures coded in brilliant calendar systems of such high science that we are drawn to ridicule in defensive postures of bruised ego before them; that we are being enthused by the solar-flaring Sun, encouraging our consciousness to reach new heights, shaking our pineal glands in photonic sways to anoint us with natural swells of ecstasy, bursting the bleakness of the dark age…

I have a friend who experienced the stars laughing and talking to her on ayahausca, attesting that time and space was UTTER ILLUSION. A myriad of miraculous circumstances consciousness creates, working in tandem with the equally miraculous qualities of the unified field that pervades us. It is time to explore these notions and return awe to our lives in commonplace constancy, nourishing an indomitable zest for a life of magic and wonder. And it is time, through such discoveries, to be anointed in a whole new realm of potentials, as heroes.

The Summer Solstice is perhaps the most heroic time of year. The Sun is at its zenith and shines the longest of all the days. Light has always been a symbol of consciousness, beckoning us to reflect upon the Light as well that shines within us as our essence, affirmed by mystics of all race and cultures. It seems as we reach the crowning radiance of the Summer Solstice each year, I boldly proclaim our great powers are being reflected, again and again, and over the years of writing such Summer Solstice clarion calls I can now look back and say a pronounced crescendo is in place; a simmering-shimmering climax that seems to constantly rise to new peaks with each revolution of the wheel of the year. We are becoming evermore magnificent, and yet evermore challenged through the initiations of adversity to reveal the entire of our magnanimity.

We are being catalyzed into ecstatic realms of being and the old world of rigid social modes and callous systems is being relentlessly teased, prodded and melted to liberate the great genius of humanity. I feel this year more than any other we are feeling wholly alive and worthy in our stead as creators of the world. This is the true significance of honouring our own divinity. We need not base our imaginings in some vague empyrean of winged heart chakras and cups of teas with ETs (though those may be nonetheless wonders some experience). It comes down to realizing that we create our world, and the one which surrounds us. For too long, this creative force has been jettisoned to subservience to politicians, pop idols, cinema heroes and other role models that quietly put us in a place of less, rendering us as passive consumers, leading pedestrian lives for the sake of increasingly ambiguous aims of material wealth and patriotism. 

But more and more people are shirking this passivity, are awakening to the wonders of creative activity, whether it be growing their own food in a backyard garden, taking a sacred sexuality course and defying conventional mores of love-making, dancing between genders, dancing ecstatically weekly, daily, fostering community events, meditating to calm and clear our collective insanity, challenging old beliefs, and taking part in playful social acts, such as public park weddings and conscious music festivals. It goes on and on and on and makes one giddy with excitement to know that as systems of control are defied the human soul that was deemed to be in the need of such control needs not so much, is actually downright beautiful, naturally aimed toward a goodness that is dominating, and a childishness that is virtuous and more mature than we’ve ever appreciated, as playfulness and holy foolishness melts the coldness of a world where Heart has been shutdown, now reasserted in its rightful throne as leader of culture and humanity.

This is now becoming stridently clear on the geo-political level. In Canada, we have witnessed Alberta, the Conservative stronghold, choose emphatically NDP leadership in a booming victory that seemed to defy all expectation (and as I playfully perceive, it is symbolically the closing of the eye of Sauron). And the world over, the liberated human spirit is bursting through shadowy fortresses, sometimes violently, sometimes chaotically, and oftentimes wonderfully. We are coming together as a unified species and it is truly the way of the universe. All beliefs and behaviours which stand in the way of this unity consciousness are being experienced as much more suffering than before to self, other and world because our awareness of our interconnection has never been higher and the dynamics of interdependence are only going to grow until wonder is commonplace. We feel the pain of blocking the universal flow of love more than ever. Multi-dimensionality is opening as the birthright of all and the field of compassion is expanding to touch its infinite depth.

Summer energetically is the time of the year when energy is at its height, is truly touching ecstasy. It’s a time to surrender to the magic of energy so emboldened. It is also the time of the Fire element in Taoist lore, fittingly, and the season of the Heart, who contains within it the source of our contentment, which translates from the Chinese zi le or ‘natural joy’. Summer is easily the most joyful season because we’re swimming day long in the warmth and Light around us as if we’re in a giant Heart itself for this is the atmosphere of our innermost centre. We can take advantage of this great Light and zest by literally launching our visions into manifestation with incredible enthusiasm and passion. Thus, I call on us all, to reclaim one of the great indigenous practices found the world over, that of dreaming. Not dreaming in the passive sense during sleep, but journeying into meditation and song to receive dreams and visions from our inner-world and the deeper mystical world of dimensionality into which we are all woven.

As sovereign creators it is the expansion and mastery of the Mind that is integral to our evolution. We are awakening to the understanding that we are not victims of our thoughts, that we can seize the flow and consciously choose what to think and create thoughts as beings of frequency, to live first in the ethereal realms where we can water them with constant intention and attention in what I call psychic gardening, nurturing them to eventually fly from the ether nest into tangible reality. We become dreamcatchers ourselves in our journeys in meditation and soul-songs, bringing visions from the great realms to then integrate into our lives, and then soar into our own elaborations of such visions in conscious thought constructs to ennoble the world. 

Thus, one of the great callings of Creators is also to make devote allegiance to this greater realm of Spirit, one that may feel mysterious to many of us as the matrix of material reality that has kept us on a narrow bandwidth of awareness has kept spiritual reality at bay. No longer. Spirit is smashing through with immensities of synchronicities, telepathic moments of bliss, stunning insights and downloads in dizzying abundance and a whole wave of miraculous existence to lift our frowns into relentless, smiling laughter, as we return to the deepest knowing: earth is heavenly! Spirit can be translated as the unified field, it need not be a bewildering notion, but the tangible experience of unity in our universe. A unity that is alive, brilliantly ingenious, creative, playful and a cosmos of profound love.

As Creators, we are stewarding in a golden age from the murk and mire of the dark, Iron Age. This is all of our calling: we are the heroic ones! And when we accept this, place our lives in a greater context, suddenly the day-to-day is an incredible adventure and we are captivated by a great purpose to work and play with ourselves and the world to uplift the beauty of paradise evermore, usher it in faster, to build a unified expression of humanity where all life is cherished in a unity of cosmic creativity, revising love as the force that weaves us all into one, every experience a possibility to shine greater and reveal more of the indomitable beauty that is at the essence of ALL!

Let us linger in the Light, penetrate it with no esoteric meditation but merely the placing of our awareness within it. Imagine, if you will, becoming part of the Sun and allow it simply to take place. This is the grace of our imagination: we can take on any form through the infinitude of ecstatic empathy. Our life-force is a wonder upon wonders! Feel into this Light, become this Light, let the torch born in the nucleus of every cell be lit, those snuffed by dis-ease and for those still alight, amplify their bright. Become, like the Sun, a glorious star.